Zolora is a large pink planet located somewhere in Homeworld's galaxy. It has recently been transformed into a minor colony, but most, if not everything remains in a constant state of vegetation.


Zolara is a large pink planetoid, at least twice the size of Pluto. It houses many different species of Pearl; including Saltwater Pearls, La Peregrina Pearls, and even a Mother of Pearl, who acts as a sort of diamond-esque leader of the planet. The planet has various different jungles and forest, home to flora and fauna that are unique to Zolara. The Pearls of this planet have only built settlements in barren areas, so as not to disturb any wild life. The atmosphere of this planet sends off a very alluring and hypnotic wave of energy that compels most outside visitors to stay.


The Pearls here prefer a peaceful way of life, living in harmony and refuge compared to Homeworld. If their way of life is ever threatened due to outsiders, they will deal with the situation as peacefully and cautiously as possible. However, if they do have to resort to violence, then the Mother of Pearl will most often then not fight for the planet. They treat all outsider Pearls, along with other gem types, as their own kin, and will let them stay on the planet for as long as they wish.


This planet is full of multi colored gradient edible plants and flowers.


  • The Zolaran Pearls are made in large pods hung from trees; each tree is stylized after the pearl that emerges from it
  • The planet emits waves of electrical interferences at all times, which leads to some sort of natural defense against those who want to take over via technology.
  • Nights on Zolara are twice as long as nights on earth at 24 hours making a full Zolaran day 36 hours.