Vital statistics
Type Vegetation
Level 75% power boost to Pearls
Location Universe Omnia
Inhabitants Pearls


This planet is at least two times the size of Pluto, with light blue crystal like substances on the surface of the planet with rushing crystal blue water rushing from the mountains, with crystalized jungles and planet life. It has regenerative and a somewhat hypnotic tone to outsiders that may make them want to stay there. and the cities of the planet are massive and the largest city in the planet is Lumaga but lumaga mostly has gem homes and the city is powered by the crystal blue water.


The Pearls here prefer a peaceful way of life, living in harmony and refuge compared to Homeworld. They treat other gems that are not pearls as a threat and they force them to leave but they treat other pearls that are not from zolara as their own kin and will give them gifts. There is an Alpha or "Mother" Pearl which oversees the life of Zolara, who of which keeps the world in peace by making agreements with other planets. They are technologically advanced that there more powerful than homeworld but they only use there power for peace not war.


This planet is full of multi colored gradient edible plants and flowers.


  • Pearls are made there in tree pods and the pods are big and each pearl has there own pod styled to there liking.
  • The planet emits waves of electrical interferences at times of need and the waves of electrical interferences are used as a defense sytem and can render a gem ship's shield and weapons unactive.
  • Their night times is the equivalent of two Earth days.

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