Over Time, I have only gotten worse... it's about time I've stopped trying.

—Xenotime, explaining her current emotions.

Xenotime is one of Golden Forge's OCs. She is an independent Gem that sometimes resides on Homeworld, and resides on Earth at other times. After suffering a nearly fatal shot from Topaz during the War, she tried to completely avoid further contact with the two groups. However, she has been forced to encounter them at times, and she just wants to not be involved in conflicts.

  • Xeno
  • Mother Time
  • Zeldatime



Tiempo Daggers


FeminineIcon Feminine


24,000 Years


Long Casual Orange Dress


July the 5th


Orange Skin


6 Feet


110 Pounds


Long Yellow Hair


Red Eyes


Hourglass-Shaped Xenotime

Gem Location

Lower Back

Personal Status


  • Topaz
  • Ice Diamond
  • Seraph Crystal
  • Guardians

Golden Forge



Xenotime is 6 feet tall, having the build of a very healthy female human. She has orange skin and red eyes. Her hair is long, and colored yellow. She also wears an orange dress, that is long and casual. She has a single scar on the side of her body, from the time that she was shot by Topaz. During her Time Phase, she appears to be larger to others from outside of the Time Phase.


Xenotime's semi-corrupt form is that of a terrifying green Gorgon, at a total length of 10 feet. Her Gem is still located in the same area, but would now be colored a nasty green. Her face would be absolutely ugly, and can cause others to turn to stone if they were to look for a long enough period of time. Xenotime cannot access her other abilities in this form.


Xenotime's completely corrupt form is that of a Basilisk, a large and terrifying green snake at a length of 15 feet. Her Gem would be buried into the tail as some sort of rattle, being colored a nasty green as well. Looking into Xenotime's eyes in this form could essentially cause instant death/poofing, and her venom would be enough to kill a living being or corrupt a Gem if not cured. Xenotime cannot access her other abilities in this form.


Xenotime is a mostly shy and scared individual, for she hasn't been able to express herself much without trouble being caused. When she feels comfortable however, she tends to be a rather outgoing and caring individual, very much willing to develop friendships and relationships.

In extreme circumstances however, her emotions can become unstable, corrupting her in the most extreme. She tends to be philosophical at times, particularly when talking about time. After all, she was a Gem created to manipulate time, essentially.


Like most Gems, Xenotime can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Tiempo Daggers: The Tiempo Daggers are Xenotime's Gem Weapon, being a set of four different daggers shaped like Daedric Daggers.

Vecchio Dagger: The Vecchio Dagger is one of the Tiempo Daggers, being colored a pale pink. When a living being is hit by this dagger in any way, it will be temporarily aged, giving the entity a crippling disadvantage in combat.

Jeune Dagger: The Jeune Dagger is one of the Tiempo Daggers, being colored a bright blue. When a living being is hit by this dagger in any way, it will temporarily lose age, giving the entity a weakening disadvantage in combat.

Lento Dagger: The Lento Dagger is one of the Tiempo Daggers, being colored a standard grey. When a living being is hit by this dagger in any way, it will be slowed down, giving the entity yet another disadvantage in combat.

Stark Dagger: The Stark Dagger is one of the Tiempo Daggers, being colored a bright yellow. This dagger has no side effect, but is sharper and deals more overall damage than the other Tiempo Daggers.

Time Phase

The Time Phase is an ability that can be cast down by Xenotime. When the Time Phase is cast down, everything in a 25 meter radius is effectively slowed down, except Xenotime herself. The ability lasts for about 30 seconds, giving Xenotime enough of an advantage to either run away, or deal damage to any entity within the Time Phase. The ability has a cooldown of 3 hours, forcing Xenotime to be careful as to not waste the ability.

Age Alteration

Xenotime has the ability to permanently change the age of any living being around her, no matter how old the living being is, and no matter what age Xenotime wants for the living being. The spell has a charge-up time of 10 minutes, so she doesn't use it for combat purposes. The spell also has a cooldown of one day, and cannot be used on the same entity for an entire year. Xenotime rarely uses this ability, only using it when she feels like it, and on entities that want their age to be changed.


A rather calm Gem, Xenotime was one of the few Gems designed to be able to manipulate the effects of Time itself. While the other Xenotimes were made to be used as special agents in times of War, she was made as a control group, and has lived a normal life for quite a while. For the first 20,000 or so years of her life, she's had a happy and independent life.

This changed when the Earth War occurred, as she was on Earth around this very time on a vacation. She tried her very best to stay out of the way of the War, but ended up shot and poofed by Topaz, her Gem nearly cracking. She remained on Earth for about the next 3900 years, to not really reform at all. But then, her Gem was magically fixed in the early 1900s by a particular Gem. She would continue living there for another 100 years, learning quite a bit about Humans and Earth Life.

Aside from the Gem who has fixed her, she has been quite scared of all Gems that she has encountered. Whether they were the Crystal Gems thinking she's a Homeworld scout, Homeworlders thinking she's a Crystal Gem, or a corrupted Gem just wanting to attack, she's simply scared of all of them. Soon enough however, it may become apparent that she is also quite the force to be reckoned with... for she can manipulate a force that not even the Diamonds can mess with.




  • TBA


Gemstone Gemstone name Gemstone Location
Xenotime gemstone -2
Xenotime Lower Back


  • The names of the daggers are translated words of their traits. Tiempo is Spanish for Time. Vecchio is Italian for Old. Jeune is French for Young. Lento is Portuguese for Slow. Stark is German for Strong.

To be continued.

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