It's beside the "Point"!

—White Topaz, joking about the Breaking Point.

White Topaz is one of Golden Forge's OCs. She is the main bodyguard of Rainbow Bismuth, the Head Scientist of Homeworld. A special color of Topazes, White Topaz has been known for her speed and reflexes, despite her physique.

White Topaz
  • Topaz
  • Goofball (Rainbow Bismuth)
  • Guard

Flexible Staff


FeminineIcon Feminine


100 Years

  • White Topaz Outfit

May 23rd


6 Feet


200 Pounds


Short White Hair


Grey Eyes



Gem Location

Right Knee

Professional Status


  • Bodyguard
  • Agent


Personal Status


  • Crystal Gems

Bismuth Labs

  • Rainbow Bismuth
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Golden Forge



White Topaz has about the same build as that of any other Topaz, albeit at 6 feet tall. As a result, she is generally broad and muscular with relatively short legs. As opposed to other Topazes, she doesn't have any hair and instead wears an old grey beanie she found once. She wears the same style of vest as other Topazes, being in a grey color scheme.


When corrupt, White Topaz is turned into a large white sheet, similarly to that of bed sheets. This sheet takes the form of a traditional sheet-ghost, and she proceeds to attack with chills and weak telekinesis. She mostly targets darker-colored individuals, hinting a bit of discrimination in this form. She cannot be damaged anywhere except for the small area around her gemstone, which is now located on the top of her head.


White Topaz is a generally joyful individual, with excitement waiting around every corner for her. She is always excited to try something new, unless she knows it will result in harm for her or her friends. She is also rather quick to judge people, almost always wanting to become friends with them in a short amount of time.

White Topaz is mostly fearless, being willing to do almost any task given to her except ones that are impossible. She also holds little fear of higher-ups (Except for Diamonds), feeling as though she doesn't need to be scared in order to follow their orders. Even when a higher-up is present, she tends to do whatever she feels is right, as long as that higher-up is fine with it.


Like most Gems, White Topaz can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Flexible Staff: White Topaz wields a white staff that is directly proportionate to her height at a rate of 6:5. This staff is very stiff, and requires very powerful forces to be broken. However, White Topaz can easily bend this staff to any shape she wishes, for any scenario. This weapon is generally as hard-hitting as a metal pole.

Attachable Destabilizer: White Topaz can sometimes an inactivated Destabilizer, which she can attach to her pole and activate it at that moment. She cannot regenerate this weapon if broken, and will need to get a new one from one of her higher-ups.

Super Speed

White Topaz has the ability to run at unusually high speeds for long periods of time, up to approximately 60 miles per hour. This is due to how unusually powerful her legs are, and her near-endless stamina due to being a Gem. This allows her to traverse areas quickly, and perhaps dodge attacks that would otherwise be too quick to dodge. This doesn't boost her reflexes however; such reflexes are on par with other Topazes.

Super Jumping

White Topaz can jump at unusually high heights, for the same reason that she can run at very high speeds. She can jump at heights of up to 100 feet, depending on how much power she charges into her jump. In addition to this, she can land safely by pounding into the ground, capable of dealing damage depending on how distance was covered by falling.


A majority of Homeworld's personal resources were converted to dry land, in order to produce millions upon millions of Gems. These Gems ranged from common soldiers to some of today's leaders. The very last Gems to pop out, from incubating very slowly, were two identical twins except in color. These twins were White Topaz and Black Topaz.

Black Topaz was a Gem capable of manipulating relative gravity and friction, and was generally scared of many things. White Topaz was a Gem capable of defying gravity and friction, and was generally fearless. Together, these two Gems formed Grey Topaz, a Gem with both caution and courage, that participated in many of Homeworld's modern missions. In fact, they were one of Homeworld's top agents for the overwhelming advantages they had over normal foes.

However, approximately one year ago, Grey Topaz explored a planet named Pandora, with a Moissanite and Rainbow Bismuth. While they did manage to explore the planet safely, White Topaz's side especially annoyed the stuck-up Moissanite, and Grey Topaz struggled against defending them from a native monster. Unfusing, White Topaz argued with the Moissanite, to the point of the latter releasing a Shattering Robonoid. Fearful for her partner's life, Black Topaz pushed White Topaz out of the way, only to be shattered herself.

Enraged, White Topaz proceeded to attack the Moissanite with an experimental item Rainbow Bismuth was then tinkering with, shattering the Moissanite in the process. The remaining two Gems were in shock, and swore to cover up the mission. Rainbow Bismuth appointed White Topaz to be his personal bodyguard, and reported that Black Topaz and Moissanite were killed by the monster. Rainbow Bismuth promised to never reveal that White Topaz killed the Moissanite, and she promised to never reveal that Rainbow Bismuth's Breaking Point could shatter Gems.


Rainbow Bismuth: Rainbow Bismuth is White Topaz's boss. Originally meeting from the infamous Pandora mission, the two made an agreement to never tell the truth about what happened. She became his bodyguard, and a good friend too. They will pretty much stay this way, until one of them decides to tell the truth.

Black Topaz: Black Topaz was White Topaz's partner. Being born next to each other at the same time, these two Gems were bound to be best friends. They worked together as Grey Topaz, becoming a fine agent underneath Homeworld. Black Topaz was shattered by the Moissanite however in Pandora, and as such Grey Topaz no longer exists.

To be continued.





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