Vidalora is a planet located in the North-East Milkyway location. It is the most recent planet in the galaxy that formed a Diamond.


Vidalora is a dark grey planetroid with an invisible dark purple barrier that holds oxygen. It is a peaceful planet with lots of caves and astronoids. Gems are satisfied with the life there with its kindergartens and caves, but it's not cabable to make completely perfect gem types without the use of mixing different minerals and varities.


Gems adore the fact that the planet is a perfect place for hiding and easy life, and live there. A peaceful life in this planet is made for gems and not for humans, because the human body system needs at least food and water, which Vidalora rarely has. Amethysts adore the life there while Peridots hate it want the planet to explode because it doesn't give anything.


  • Vidalora's name is inspired by Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca".