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Uranium was a Home World gem. She was at first corrupted but was uncorrupted by Steven and the Crystal gems.


During the Rebellion, she and a bunch of other metal home world gems were bought to earth to fight. She was close friends with Home world Bismuth. When Home world bismuth was shattered, she appended to shatter Garnet as she was the only one near her when she was shattered. After the war, she and many other gems were corrupted. (Apart from her shattered friend.) She roams the battlefield ever since.


  • Bismuth: When she meet another Bismuth, she almost reverted to her corrupted side due to her tragic backstory about how she became corrupted.
  • HW Bismuth: When she found her as a cluster, she was mad at the ones responable for shattering and forcing her to fuse with other shattered gems.
  • Tiger-eye Zircon: She was shocked after she heard about her being the real witness behind Pink Diamond's death. She also mentioned that Garnet was not the only suspect during the time HW Bismuth was shattered. She wanted to find out who really shattered her, because she was close friends with her till she was shattered.
  • Cluster: She was upset that many gems were shattered and forced to fuse with other shattered gems. Including her close friend. She was able to talk to the Cluster from in her mind in order to find the cluster that have her old friend in it. After helping an injured Cluster, she was able to find out that it was the one that had her old friend in it.
  • Garnet: She used to be upset at her after HW Bismuth was shattered.

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