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Uranium was a home world gem and a corrupted gem from "An unusual friendship". She is now part of a Quartz gem.

==History== Long ago, She and Home-world Bismuth were friends before the war started. After she found Home-world Bismuth shattered by what she believed is a Garnet, She got into the Gem war. After the war was over, She got corrupted and roamed the war field for years. She never met her old friend Home-world Bismuth after she was shattered. Many years later, She met Steven and the CG. She helped them with tracking down a bomb while still corrupted. She became uncorrupted after Steven gained help from a diamond in order to help her. Now she works as part of the CG.


She does have a crush on Jasper. She have some rivally with Garnet before. She have tons of friends.


Her and Peridot= TBA

Her and Bismuth: Rainbow Topaz

Her and Lapis: Wavelite

Her and Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire): TBA

Her and Pearl: TBA

Her and Amy: Peacock Topaz

Her and Steven (Rose Quartz): TBA

Her and Jasper: Plutotinum

Her and Cystral

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