You may not be sexually active, but I'm radioactive!

—Uranium, insulting Rainbow Bismuth.

Uranium is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Being one of the original Metallic Gems, Uranium is an experimental Gem originally created by Rainbow Bismuth approximately 2000 years ago, along with Titanium. Like the latter, Uranium is a somewhat rogue Gem that doesn't understand the concept of authority, and does whatever he feels is necessary.

  • Urine-Anium
  • Radioactive Gem
  • Nuclear Man



Little Donut


MasculineIcon Masculine


2000 Years


Dark Green Hazmat Suit


March the 1st


Bright Green Skin


8 Feet


300 Pounds


No Hair


Bright Green Eyes


Uranium Ingot

Gem Location

Right Shoulder

Professional Status


Personal Status











Golden Forge


Uranium is a Metallic Gem, standing at 8 feet tall, like most Metallic Gems. Uranium is built like an average male, being completely covered in a dark-green hazmat suit a majority of the time. Underneath this suit, Uranium has no hair at all, and has glowing bright-green skin. He also has bright green eyes and grassy-green teeth. It should be noted that the shoulder containing his gemstone is generally mutated, giving his right arm more power then his left arm.


Uranium has a complex personality that is very similar to Titanium's personality. He is generally rebellious, refusing to submit to most forms of authority due to his lack of knowledge regarding it. He tends to be very hostile towards enemies/strangers, while being very friendly and caring towards his friends.

As opposed to Titanium, Uranium is careful around newer things, tending to approach from a distance before embracing them. He is also has a larger ego, being more arrogant and self-centered than Titanium.


Like all Gems, Uranium can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate. Like all Metallic Gems, Uranium can use the Metallic Language to communicate to other Metallic Gems.


Little Donut: The Little Donut is Uranium's Gem Weapon, being a large flamethrower-like weapon. However, as opposed to other flamethrowers, this one instead shoots out toxic gases that can be deadly to non-living materials. These gases are corrosive, causing most materials to corrode into nothing but a harmless acid. This allows Uranium to destroy others' weapons and vehicles over time. This weapon also has a bayonet attached to the end, for him to be able to stab others with.

Radiation/Nuclear Immunity

Uranium has an immunity against radiation, allowing him to withstand any amount of radiation. This allows him to survive many radioactive situations, such as X-Rays, or nuclear bombs, or radioactive waste. Uranium may be able to survive the intense radiation of a nuclear bomb, but the blast and heat emitted from the bomb can still damage him and most likely force him to retreat to his gemstone.

Gamma Ray Emission

Uranium's light formed body actually tends to release radiation at all points of time, being able to yield rather interesting effects. This radiation comes in the form of gamma rays, which can effect Gems and mortals alike. For Gems, these gamma rays could deal damage to Gems' forms, typically forming scars and injuries. If focused into a gemstone for a long enough time, these rays may their forms to glitch, and may even force them to retreat into their gemstones. Uranium can focus this radiation into his hands to intensify these effects to the point of being efficient in combat. Uranium's Hazmat Suit is actually capable of blocking the gamma rays, except when intensified at the hands. Uranium's head doesn't release any radiation.

Radio Waves

Uranium also has the ability to manipulate radio signals and stations, by sending off a set of radio waves himself. This allows him to do a number of things, such as change a program, intercept a private signal, communicate with others via cell phone/radio, access the Internet, etc. These radio waves are ineffective when Uranium is deep underground, too far away from a possible signal/station, or when the radio signal/station is jammed.


For millions of years, Gems were always composed of gemstones and minerals, as they were always capable of converting the life and light around them into life and light of their own. The same was always assumed to not happen for metals, which the Diamonds thought to be primarily useful for just building. Rainbow Bismuth thought otherwise, and attempted to make two new Gems out of metals. This resulted in the formation of Titanium and Uranium.

While the experiment seemed to have been a success at first, it was soon apparent that these particular Gems weren't like other Gems. They never took orders from Bismuth, and he assumed that it was because of his size. As such, he introduced the two to White Diamond, and even then they refused to take orders from the highest authority. As it turned out, they thought that no-one could order them around for free, and they decided to attack. Bismuth promptly poofed them, and sent them into storage in his labs.

Over the next two millennia, little-to-no further research was made with Metallic Gems, as Bismuth effectively shelved the concept. However, with the introduction of Platinum, perhaps there is a possibility of introducing Metallic Gems. Perhaps they could become the face of Era-3. As for Uranium and Titanium... they may soon make a return.


Titanium: Uranium and Titanium consider each other to be best friends, if not, brothers. They agree on most things, having similar points of view. There is the rare occasion where they get into a fight with each other, or have different points of view. They were soon separated after first reforming in modern times, most likely splitting up to see what has happened since they were first formed 2000 years ago.



Like most Metallic Gems, Uranium can only fuse with other Metallic Gems.

  • Uranium + Titanium = Neptunium

To be continued.



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