Go ahead, that tickles!

—Titanium, when hit by a normal attack.

Titanium is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Being one of the original Metallic Gems, Uranium is an experimental Gem originally created by Rainbow Bismuth approximately 2000 years ago, along with Uranium. Like the latter, Titanium is a somewhat rogue Gem that doesn't understand the concept of authority, and does whatever he feels is necessary.

  • T*t-Anium
  • Hard Gem
  • Metallic Soldier

Metallic Gem


Boulder Launcher


MasculineIcon Masculine


2000 Years

  • Grey Combat Pants
  • Combat Boots

March the 1st


Grey Skin


8 Feet


350 Pounds


No Hair


Grey Eyes


Titanium Ingot

Gem Location

Left Shoulder

Professional Status

Metallic Gems

Personal Status











Golden Forge


Titanium is a Metallic Gem, standing at 8 feet tall, like most Metallic Gems. Titanium has rough grey skin, and has grey eyes. Titanium has no hair, being bald. He also has large muscles, making most of his body look ripped. Titanium wears grey combat pants, and combat boots. He does occasionally wear a ripped combat shirt, covering only the back and still exposing the front. His left arm has a metallic texture to it, most likely due to his gemstone being on the corresponding shoulder.


Titanium has a complex personality that is very similar to Uranium's personality. He is generally rebellious, refusing to submit to most forms of authority due to his lack of knowledge regarding it. He tends to be very hostile towards enemies/strangers, while being very friendly and caring towards his friends.

As opposed to Uranium, Titanium is much more curious and reckless, tending to approach things without any worry or fear of what may happen. He is also has a bigger tendency to care for others, and will more often put his friends' priorities in front of his own.


Like all Gems, Titanium can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate. Like all Metallic Gems, Titanium can use the Metallic Language to communicate to other Metallic Gems.


Boulder Launcher: Titanium can summon a large slingshot-like weapon, which fires large boulders upon release. These boulders are about a foot in diameter, and are sent at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Because of this, such boulders can deal devastating damage to smaller and larger targets alike. Only one boulder can be in the weapon at all times, and a new one tends to respawn in the weapon approximately 5 seconds after the last one has been shot.

Conventional Weaponry Resistance

Titanium has a very large resistance against modern conventional weapons, such as guns, grenades, missiles, etc. While more powerful conventional weapons like the missile can deal some damage, Titanium cannot be fully taken down by these weapons. Titanium's resistance does not apply to melee weapons, nuclear weapons, primary Gem Weapons, Pre-19th Century weapons, and other weapons that don't fit under the Conventional category.

Hardening Skin

Titanium has the ability to toughen his skin for a temporary amount of time, boosting his defense a lot. While this makes him very hard to damage, it also slows him down, giving the opponent a chance to run, take cover, etc. Titanium will appear to have skin made out of metal during this time, and the skin seems to feel like metal as well. His left arm becomes even more hardened than before, essentially becoming immune to all forms of damage. This ability has a duration of one minute, and has a cooldown of an hour.

Mouth Gun

Titanium secretly has a gun implanted in his mouth, giving him a last stand chance against those that have disabled his weapon and abilities. This gun is fired when Titanium opens his mouth very widely, revealing the gun, then pulling his tongue back, pulling the trigger. While this gun isn't anywhere near as powerful as his Boulder Launcher, it can be used to kill unwary enemies.


For millions of years, Gems were always composed of gemstones and minerals, as they were always capable of converting the life and light around them into life and light of their own. The same was always assumed to not happen for metals, which the Diamonds thought to be primarily useful for just building. Rainbow Bismuth thought otherwise, and attempted to make two new Gems out of metals. This resulted in the formation of Titanium and Uranium.

While the experiment seemed to have been a success at first, it was soon apparent that these particular Gems weren't like other Gems. They never took orders from Bismuth, and he assumed that it was because of his size. As such, he introduced the two to White Diamond, and even then they refused to take orders from the highest authority. As it turned out, they thought that no-one could order them around for free, and they decided to attack. Bismuth promptly poofed them, and sent them into storage in his labs.

Over the next two millennia, little-to-no further research was made with Metallic Gems, as Bismuth effectively shelved the concept. However, with the introduction of Platinum, perhaps there is a possibility of introducing Metallic Gems. Perhaps they could become the face of Era-3. As for Uranium and Titanium... they may soon make a return.


Uranium: Uranium and Titanium consider each other to be best friends, if not, brothers. They agree on most things, having similar points of view. There is the rare occasion where they get into a fight with each other, or have different points of view. They were soon separated after first reforming in modern times, most likely splitting up to see what has happened since they were first formed 2000 years ago.

To be continued.


Like most Metallic Gems, Titanium can only fuse with other Metallic Gems.

  • Titanium + Uranium = Neptunium

To be continued.



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