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Tiger-eye Zircon is a forced fusion from Home World. She was corrupted after witnessing PD's death. She also witness HW Bismuth's shattering as well. She became uncorrupted by the CG and Steven.

Appearance (Corrupted)

Her corrupted form is somewhat like the corrupted Jaspers, expect she's more cat-like then wolf-like. She have pink-black claws on her fingertips and toenails, pink spikes (Presumably from Bubbling PD) on her arms, A orange horn growing from her right eye, Black and orange stripes and finally Black and light-orange fur.

Appearance (Uncorrupted)

She wears black gloves and a suit just like the Zircons. (It's a collar with a orange square gem in the middle with a black stripe down the middle of the gem.)

Gem weapon

Her weapon is revealed to be tiger claws. (Even though she's a fusion, but it could be possible that both gems have tiger claw before being forced to fuse)


She was two different gems that were made in the same hole 2,000 years ago. Since their hole was too small, they end up fusing together as Tiger-eye Zircon. After she escaped, She went to Earth in order to avoid being shattered for being a fusion. Before the rebellion started, She witness how the war started. Pink Diamond was shattered, which made her has to bubble her in order to hide the truth. When the war was over, She ended up being corrupted while the shards of PD flew under her arms. She ends up running away after finding out she turned into a triple corrupted fusion.