Tiger's Eye (Made in gemsona maker)

Tiger's eye is an Oc created by yours truly. She was created a few hundred years before the war, but was still a runt. She is now a Crystal Gem who lives in the barn, like Peridot. She uses female pronouns, and in a next gen AU (My next generation) she has a son named Rubbillite.


Tiger's Eye has light orange skin with bright orange hair which in her most recent design is short and the bangs are covering her gem, located on her left eye. Her right eye is a mid-orange. In her most recent design, she wears an outfit which shares many similarities with Amethyst's first outfit, except her star is on her shirt and she has shorts attached to her shirt. Her gem is also a light brown, and is smooth (Despite being a recent development). She also has a pair of brown gloves in her old design, which I'm debating on weather to keep or not. She is slightly smaller than Amethyst despite being older.


She is somewhat childish and playful. She does mature overtime, but still has a playful piece inside of her. She is very sweet and only really hurts people if they hurt Amethyst (Her crush). She likes eating (To feel like Amethyst mostly) and sleeping (Again, to feel like Amethyst). She only likes sweet food however and doesn't enjoy any drinks.



She has a friendly relationship with Steven and enjoys his company, though she sometimes feels he's 'stealing' Amethyst when they fuse.

Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire):

Tiger's eye treats Garnet like her mentor, helping her fuse with Steven, Amethyst and Pearl. She loves how Garnet comforts her and tells her how in the future her problems won't matter, because she'll be happy. She also likes Ruby, who she asks to help roast marshmallows. Ruby gets annoyed with this sometimes though. She is a little freaked out by Sapphire, though (Mostly because she has one eye without a gem in another).


No real relationship (Deeply terrified from getting attacked during the war).

Lapis Lazuli:

They don't really know eachother.


Good friend, and enjoy posting random things on social media.