1. Profile

Pearl:Probably me holding my spear in the most Impressive pose!

Amethyst:My room.

Garnet:How about the gauntlets? They’re fierce and they bring my style out!

2. First Post

Pearl:Hello humans! I am flattered to be using the social device you use when there is nothing better to do! I’d just like to say this is another fascinating way to waste time! For a human.

Amethyst:Wassup guys? Yolo! Amethyst here!

Garnet:Hey Everyone. This is Garnet, bringing love and peace to Facebook.

3. Group Chat

Pearl:Humans, Id be happy to join your talk!


Garnet:Hello Guys. This is Garnet, back together.

4. Cyber bullying

Pearl:Stop that at once! Love should be in place of this!

Amethyst:(joins cyber bullies)

Garnet:I will hit you with the gauntlets!

5. Discovering the emotes

Pearl:Hello Humans! I have a question:Why are there faces on my keyboard?

Amethyst:YOLO! (Spams the emotes)

Garnet:Let’s Go For It. (Texts one and sends it)

6. Spreading Facebook

Pearl:Steven, have you heard of this thing called Facebook?

Amethyst:Yo! Steven! Try this neat thing I found!

Garnet:Steven, this is called Facebook. Apparently humans use this, so I thought you might like it.

7. Meeting friends

Pearl:Rose! Nice to see you here! Isn’t this such a fascinating thing to do?

Amethyst:Hey! It’s me who works at the Homeworld zoo! Yooooooooo!

Garnet:Malachite! Why are you here?!

8. Leaving for the day

Pearl:I have better things to do.

Amethyst:I’m gonna pretend sleep....

Garnet:We need to practice for a fight. Bye, Facebook.