The Cluster is a giant cluster gem and the presumed strongest gem in existence, it is bigger than Earth and made to be a doomsday weapon once it emerges, it is also counted as the strongest fusion as it is a fusion made of millions of gem shards (making it also the fusion with the most gems).


The Cluster is a mega colossal fusion/cluster gem, towering over both Alexandrite and Malachite, it is bigger than Beach City in size, it has a giant mouth with teeth and a giant gem for an eye, it has strange "hair" that defy gravity and flows upwards, it has a mouth and some eyes in its hair, the Cluster also doesn’t have legs.


The Cluster’s personality is hard to determine since it is made of millions of gem shards making its personality like a hive mind but it is probaly only 1 gem who can control the body like Malachite.


Canon abilites

in the Canon Steven Universe timeline the Cluster never emerges but has partailly emerged as a hand.

  • Enhanced strength: The Cluster won a arm wrestling match against Yellow Diamond’s ship.
  • Forming stoping: unlike all gems the Cluster can stop itself from forming, it was able to post pone it’s forming to help Steven bubble it and was able to stop itself from completely forming and only formed into an arm to help fight off the diamons.

Fanon abilites

in roleplays where the Cluster emerged it will likely have these abilites.

  • Colossaly enhanced strength: the Cluster is bigger than the Earth and could likely lift entire planets, something even diamonds can’t do.
  • Colossaly enhanced defense: the Cluster is made of millions of gem shards so is most likely the strongest gem that is known, it can survive being under massive rock and would have to survive debris after destroying Earth.

please add more abilites once you make a RP


The Cluster’s gem is like a rainbow made of types of gems shards, it’s gem unlike most gems is inside itself being replaced by a fake gem on its face, it’s outside is very pointy and when it’s forming there are millions of arms coming out of it with a white shield around it, the images is the Cluster’s gem bubbled.