Roleplay Policy
  • You are allowed to create pages for your content. However, they must not contain:
    • Pornography of any graphic nudity. Do not upload, write, or link any erotic or sexual content. Innuendos are fine, but are to be used sparingly.
    • Extreme violence and gore. Minor violence and bloodshed will be acceptable.
  • A user can not own a Gem. If someone were to have a Gem such as Topaz, they cannot own that Gem. Any user can have a Gemsona of any kind they like and harassment over these sorts of things is not tolerated.
    • In addition, you may not push another out because they are using the same Gem character as you.
    • In addition, users can “own” or claim ownership of original ideas which may be open book (free for any to use) or closed (used with permission from author).
  • Be kind to other users about their content; don't flame others' work or you will be warned and your comment will be deleted. Give constructive criticism. Give the author ideas on how to improve, don't trash talk them.
  • It is preferred that you do not edit other users' pages without permission (with the exception of removing inappropriate content, categorization, fixing grammatical or coding errors, and reverting vandalism). This includes edits made by staff.
  • Unless a staff member requests you to stop, roleplay is allowed in the chatroom, or on the Roleplays board.
    • When a roleplay is occurring in the main chat, please use (parenthesis), [brackets], or some other way to designate Out Of Character speech as such.
    • Please don't start a main roleplay without asking the other users if they want to roleplay first.
    • Do not engage in sexual roleplay in the main chat. Those may only happen in PMs if all parties agree.
    • Be courteous. While roleplay is allowed, please keep in mind that it can alienate users from chatting.
  • Do not copy/steal/take the work of others without their permission.
    • The same works in reverse in which users should not copy the works of others on this wiki and spread them elsewhere without author permission.
    • Rewording a piece or changing keywords is grounds for plagiarism.
    • If a user belives plagiarism is taking place, they are within their rights to approach the other user.
    • Should staff believe it to be necessary, they may warn and/or block for such.
  • No godmodding.
    • Godmodding is defined as a character having the ability to do anything without set limits or boundaries.
    • Powerplaying is defined as having outside knowledge of a character's powers, weaknesses, backstory, name without having met them prior, etc. This overlaps with what can be considered "metagaming".
    • You may not kill another person's characters without their explicit permission.
    • When in a roleplay battle, use proper "You first" etiquette (meaning, never complete an action preformed upon another character). It allows the opponent Gemsona to react as opposed to being simply acted upon. If you are the Gemsona reacting, do not take advantage of the person acting upon you and constantly slither out of all attacks and/or actions. Let things hit your character where sensible.

  • Power limiting is strongly advised for any character with strong abilities such as general hydrokinesis or heliokinesis.
    • These characters might need to be approved before or after use in roleplay activities.
      • If a character is edited, they must be run through the approval process again. For example, if an image is added, that does not need approval. However, if their abilities are edited, the character must go through approval again.
    • Overpowered characters (those with excessive abilities) are grounds for rejection unless there is a justification.
      • Such as Diamonds having great power over the elements or characters who have been training for a long time.
      • Another justification is a logical fall of another ability. A character being extremely speedy may have a very low strength or intelligence, anything to counteract the powers.
  • Characters are not necessarily judged by their accuracy to canon, but it may play a large part in the approval or rejection of a character.
    • Such as if a character is skewing from canon due to their own fanon, or the content of a roleplay.
    • The creation of non-real Gems (Minecraft Andesine, Chaos Emeralds, or simply adding -ite to the end of a fictional character) is allowed.
  • It is recommended that a character have no more than two weapons.
    • They may generate multiple clones of the same weapon but cannot wield more than two different weapons without justification (a Gem based on Ace or Gilgamesh).
  • Weapons are recommended not to transform more than twice.
    • A weapon may change from a dual spear to two swords, but that would lead to the two weapon recommended limitation rule.
    • A weapon may have detachable parts, such as a changeable blade, but cannot deviate greatly from the original blade.
  • Characters are recommended to have a developed personality, relationships, and/or backstory to help with those intending to roleplay said character.
    • If a character is said to be a new addition (“newborn” or new to the area), then this is acceptable for less development.
    • If the character is newly created and haven’t yet been in a roleplay to develop greatly, then this is also acceptable for less development but strongly advised to develop.
  • Special criteria are required in order to be able to have a Diamond OC.
    • Users that are three months old on the Wiki or older will need permission from two staff members of Administrator rank or higher.
    • Users that are less than three months old on the Wiki will need permission from all active staff members.
    • Be aware that it is highly recommended that any Diamond OCs are either branched off from Homeworld, or assume a lower rank than the canon Diamonds.

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