Ruby Oc SU2

(A picture of Ruby)

Ruby (Or Ruby Facet 2L2G Cut 9XN) is a current Homeworld Foot Soldier and follower of Yellow Diamond.


Ruby is a short gem, standing at 4'8. Her skin is a light red berry colour and she has black irises. Her hair is pretty much like normal ruby hair but it is more round at the top, also the sides stick into her head more. Her hair colour is similar to her skin colour but it's more dark.

Like most Rubies she wears a tank top, but her Yellow Diamond symbol is further down her shirt, and the logo is connected to dark grey sideways triangles, which then get bigger near the back, resulting in the back of the shirt to almost be completely dark grey. She also wears shorts that are almost identical to the ones that most Rubies wear, but it is the same colour of the triangles on her tank top. Her boots are exactly the same as the other Rubies'.

Her gemstone is located near the bottom of her right leg and has a square facet, like the other Rubies'.


Ruby can be hot-headed at times, but very rarely. She is quick to judge other gems/beings and is very determined to get her missions done. She can also be very forgetful, and has very few friends due to the lack of social life.

When on missions, she can easily get angry at other gems that interfere with her work (As long as they aren't a higher rank than her), but usually apologises afterwards.

Ruby also loves it when she has to fuse with other Rubies, mainly because she only has to put in half of the effort since it's multiple Rubies in the fusion.


Ruby's abilities are just the standard gem abilities, such as:

  • Summoning her weapon
  • Bubbling
  • Fusion

She also has the ability to create fire, like most Rubies.