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Rubellite is a possessive male gem with an unstable personality, who is obsessed with Rose Quartz and, in turn, her son, Steven.


Rubellite Tourmaline has pale pink skin and nearly fuschia, short wavy hair, which is partially pulled back on the left side. His gem is tear-shaped, and located at the center of his chest.


His clothes consist of a pair of light pink gloves reaching to his elbows, and bright pink lab coat. A diamond-shaped opening sits in the middle of his bodysuit, exposing his chest and gem, with three light pink triangles giving the illusion of a star, as well as another star on his back. He wears Rose Quartz's rose symbol on his stomach, precisely where Rose's gem was. His fuschia pants, colored to match his hair exactly, are tight and stop just below the knee. His light pink boots boots begin a few inches lower, at the middle of his calves, and feature 5-inch blades in the heels.


Rubellite is dangerously obsessed with Rose Quartz, to the point where she had to bubble him away for the safety of her fellow Crystal Gems. This obsession later passes over to Steven, with the belief that Steven is Rose, after a failed attempt to kill Steven to "save Rose", whom he (for a short while) believed is trapped inside Steven. He is so possessive and obsessive over Rose Quartz, that he will attack anyone who crosses her or Steven, even when ordered not to. Rubellite will even attack other Crystal Gems in the name of his love for Rose Quartz. He's especially merciless towards Pearl, as well as Greg and Connie, as he considers them threats to his relationship with Rose/Steven.

When he's note obsessing over Rose or steven, Rubellite is very sly and meticulous, insisting everything be in perfect, pristine order. His work area must be sparkling clean at all times, and filth repulses him. He has an enormous ego, and enjoys bragging about his obviously superior intellect, and showing off his (probably immoral) experiments. He considers Lapis and Peridot beneath him not only in rank, but also as beings in general, for choosing to live in a barn. Even the cave he lives in with Moonstone is quickly refurbished to have a bright, glimmering interior.

Rubellite is rather uncaring when it comes to other gems, much to the misfortune of Moonstone, who is constantly overlooked and overshadowed by his presence. He at least acknowledges her speaking (whereas he completely ignores Amethyst's existance), though he doesn't pay any attention to her feelings. Rubellite is unaware of Moonstone's affection towards him, and even if he did know, he likely wouldn't care, due to his love for Rose Quartz. When it comes to Pearl in particular, he's especially malicious, and the two have a rivalry far more vile than Pearl has with Greg, as they both want each other to get shattered, and will go out of their way to not help one another. He doesn't have as much problem with Garnet, and finds her fascinating, always curious about what goes on between Sapphire and Ruby while they're fused. He respects Sapphire's wisdom, and as long as he's already in a calm mood, he will stop to listen to what she/Garnet has to say. When they're separated, however, he tends to brush Ruby off as an ill-mannered ruffian.


The War

Long ago, Rubellite served Pink Diamond loyally, serving as her scientist, and even participated in the discovery of Earth. He obeyed her and her alone, disregarding all commands from other Diamonds or high ranking gems unless ordered to do otherwise by Pink directly. After the discovery of Earth, Rubellite was one of the gems who suggested the idea of colonizing it, and even tested the soil himself, proudly announcing to Pink Diamond that it was more than ideal for creating new gems.

As the rebellion began, he decided his laboratory took priority, and hurried to ensure that his experiments were safe. As he returned to Pink Diamond, he had just entered the room when Rose Quartz, a gem he had seen several times and always dismissed, rushed by him to initiate her fight with Pink Diamond. Stunned by this, he stood frozen and watched as Pink Diamond's physical form was quickly destroyed.

When Rose Quartz took her sword and pierced the gem lying helplessly on the ground, Rubellite was filled with a sense of horror and admiration all at once. He watched, jaw dropped, as she turned to escape through a hole in the wall, before calling out to her, "Wait! Let me join you!". She was surprised to hear this, partly because she hadn't realized he was there, but primarily because it was known how loyal a gem he was. He explained he had never seen such beauty and grace as was in her, and her glory was nothing compared to that of Pink Diamond. He confessed his love on the spot and took her hand, kneeling in her honor. As awkward and embarrassing as it was, she accepted his request to be a Crystal Gem, and together they fled to aid their comrades.

As time went on, Rubellite became increasingly more and more possessive of Rose Quartz, and only 300 years into the war, even started getting aggressive towards the other Crystal Gems. He was especially cruel to Pearl, whom he knew had a crush on their leader. At last, four hundred years into the war, and Rose Quartz had had enough, and realized he was far too dangerous. Allies had gone missing after speaking to her, and some were even being found completely shattered nearly to dust. Late in the night, while there was a moment of rest as the enemy recalculated their strategy, Rose Quartz called Rubellite to her, with the promise they would be alone.

When he arrived, they were indeed alone, but it was not for a romantic evening with his beloved. Rose Quartz sat him down and tried to gently explain that his behavior was getting out of hand, but he would not listen, insisting it was their allies to be blamed for trying to interfere with his their love. At this, Rose realized she would have to be cold, and harshly rejected his feelings for her, stating she simply had no interest in being his "one and only" for the rest of both their lives, she didn't love him the way he loved her.

This angered him, and he refused to take no for an answer. He attempted to force fusion with her, but she immediately pushed him back, being far too strong for him to overpower. He tried one more time to convince her with words to return his affection and advances, and she again refused. Threatening to kill all of the Crystal Gems if she refused him again, he rushed at her, reaching to grab her, but stopped mid-step as he felt the blade of her sword pierce his abdomen, his expression changing from rage to shock and disbelief. Barely holding on, he looked at the sword, then up at her eyes. She was saddened, disappointed, and perhaps even afraid.

"I... don't understand..." He said to her, shakily. "We... we were meant to be... together..." His physical form dispersed, and his gem fell to the ground. Quickly, Rose bubbled him and ran off to a nearby field to hide him away from the others. Perhaps one day, after the war, she could go back and retrieve him. She never did.

Modern Day

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Powers & Abilities

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Rose Quartz

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Steven Universe

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  • Rubellite's voiceclaim is undecided between Benjamin Diskin, Brendan Hunter, and Keith Silverstein. You can help the creator decide what Rubellite sounds like by commenting on this Youtube video.
  • You can also decide what kind of pants and boots he wears by voting on this poll.
  • His character song is Meant To Be Yours (Heathers The Musical)

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