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Rhinestone Diamond
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Rhinestone Diamond or Paste Diamond or Diamante is a Homeworld Gem and a "dumbed" Diamond Authority member, due to some lawsuits of her shattering gems, that she does not remeber due to her previous state of brainwashing.


Rhinestone Diamond, as one of the rulers of Homeworld, is of a massive size, with her towering height making her Pearls appear tiny in comparison. 

Her complexion is pale grey, and her hair is short, somewhere spiky and straight hair in between and bangs cover a part of her eyes. As seen, she was a part of her bangs that leads into a slight open to view her eyes. She has a long ovoid face, a full lower lip and a short, small slightly pointy nose. She also posesses small, circle slant eyes. Her irishes are grey, with oval shaped dark grey pupils, thin and slick black eyebrows, and no eyelashes on her eyes.

Her gemstone is located on her neck, a little bit upon her sternum, and she wears a long, off-shoulder tank top with a sleeveless T-shirt underneath. She is seen being overrall shorter than Blue and Yellow, as she mostly bents infront, and is three feet shorter than them.


Rhinestone Diamond's debut portrays her as a very mellow Diamond who treats low-ranking members of her court with respect and friendliness. Compared to Blue Diamond, she is the same except she is too shy and silent to communicate with other gem, as she wishes to have more allies than rivals.

Rhinestone 's temperament appears to have changed significantly in the 6,000 years following the shattering of Pink Diamond. She's been in a state of loneliness and depression, since Pink and Blue Diamond were the only allies of her previous state, the state of happiness and excitement, always satisfied for everything that people did to thank or even to love her.

She is majorily durring these days in Trials with her two Pearls. Causing her to become even more strict with the cases as it effects her affectivily in the reputation and personality configuration.


As being a half a Diamond, Rhinestone Diamond is one of the most powerful Gems in the entire Gem Empire. It can be assumed that she possesses standard Gem abilities, but since she is a Diamond, the abilities are expected to be much greater than usual. Due to her (almost) large size, she is able to lift up a human with relative ease.

Unique Abilities

  • Radiated Electromagnetic Telekinesis: When Rhinestone Diamond is filled with anger and any major emotion, she emits a bright light aura that controls the lights around her if she wants to. Some gems also could be controlled by the telekinesis and deviance in a mental state of suggestive hypnosis. This ability is not showed however, when the gem uses a barrier to protect themselves.


  • The Date of her reveal is changed for today! :D