Hey, don't worry... this is Homeworld, the planet where merit takes you upwards.

—Rainbow Bismuth, explaining his beliefs of rising up.

Rainbow Bismuth is Golden Forge's first Steven Universe OC. He is a second-generation Bismuth Gem, only one out of a few others out there, such as Confederate Bismuth. He is a scientist-type Gem with a good amount of intellect, but only so many social skills. With a lot of power, he is currently the Head Scientist of Homeworld.

Rainbow Bismuth
Rainbow Bismuth TS
  • Bizy
  • Bismuth
  • Bitchmuch

Breaking Point


MasculineIcon Masculine


5,000 Years

  • White Lab Coat
  • Rainbow Underclothes

June 19th


5 Feet


100 Pounds


Short Blue Hair


Rainbow Eyes


Bismuth Cube

Gem Location


Professional Status


  • Inventor
  • Engineer
  • Scientist


Personal Status


  • Crystal Gems

Bismuth Labs

  • Topaz
Love Interest(s)





Golden Forge



Rainbow Bismuth is 5 feet tall, with a skinny build. He has short blue hair, that is usually curly. He does have different colors per body part. He has a yellow head, a red neck and shoulder base, a green body, orange arms, and purple legs. His nose is large and long, being a light purple. His eyes have multiple colors, usually a rainbow of them. He usually wears a white lab coat, while wearing a hippie-dye T-shirt and jeans underneath. He is usually wearing pointed grey shoes


Rainbow Bismuth's form tends to be EXTREMELY glitched when he is corrupt. However, the general form is a spazzed out Bonzi Buddy with a rainbow of colors puked onto him. His voice will also sound very much like Bonzi Buddy, and he will mainly cause all technology out of him to begin glitching heavily.


Bismuth has had many personality changes in the past, and I don't think he'll stop changing any time soon. This is due to how easily his moods tend to swing, due to the constant stream of events that occur with him. However, it can be determined what his personality can be like based on recent events.

For example, after receiving a new job or promotion, he tends to have a happy can-do attitude and do most work given to him. When in a major conflict, Bismuth tends to be stressed and absolutely serious. When finding a new lover, he tends to be lovestruck and become obsessed with his new lover. It all just really depends on what happens.


Like most Gems, Rainbow Bismuth can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate.


The Breaking Point: Originally introduced by the Canon Bismuth in the War, such an invention wasn't brought back to light except by another Bismuth, many years later. The Breaking Point is a blue-colored gauntlet with a deadly spike on the end, which is designed to very easily crush and shatter most Gems at close distances. Rainbow Bismuth only uses this weapon when absolutely necessary, and tends to use other weapons.


Rainbow Bismuth has the ability to manipulate technology around himself, giving him a high advantage in cities and such. He can lift technology into the air, and move it around. He can also access the features of the technology around him, such as firing a gun held by another person, or hacking into a computer without even being near it.

There are several types of technology that Rainbow Bismuth cannot use with his powers. For example, he cannot use technology that doesn't use power, like a sword. He also cannot use technology that is more advanced than his own. He cannot access the features of technology that is broken, but can still move them around and such.

His Technokinesis can only control so much technology, as he only has so much power. If he was concentrating ALL of his power, he could affect a well-sized spaceship. Mind you, he would need to concentrate all of his power for a long time.

Super Smell

A rather unusual ability for Rainbow Bismuth, his large nose allows him to smell anything with a scent within 10 miles of himself. He can smell anything that has even the slightest scent, and he can detect that smell at the limit of 10 miles. He cannot smell something that has no scent, or something that is out of the 10 mile radius. This ability allows him to know when threats are approaching him, or when his favorite food stands are open for business.


Rainbow Bismuth was the first of the Era-2 Bismuths, who was accidentally planted in the Beta Kindergarten for rushed production. When Rainbow Bismuth was born, he actually didn't have much interest in the architectural department at all. However, he soon heard of the famous/infamous Gem known as Topaz, and began to invest his time into the scientific department. After a good amount of time, he had gained a degree and was able to become an official inventor and scientist. As a result, a precedent has been set that Era-2 Bismuths are meant to be scientists, rather than builders.

Rainbow Bismuth hasn't had it all too good however, for he didn't manage to get a good job with his specified career. He joined an independent organization known as the "Crystal Labs", studying several concepts and giving breakthroughs to all of the Diamonds. As part of the Crystal Labs, Rainbow Bismuth contributed here and there, mostly with the invention of the destabilizing gun. He however mostly had failures, particularly with cloning and experimenting on corrupted fusions. After the escape of a failed clone and a fusion, he decided to leave the labs, and worked under the White District.

It was here that he truly began to succeed as a scientist. He managed to introduce several inventions to Homeworld such as the destabilization cage, warp speed, and the Shattering Robonoid. From here, he rose through the ranks all the way to White Diamond's Royal Scientist. The invention to promote him to Head Scientist were the Diamonds' own royal ships, which were the Blue Arm, the Yellow Arm, and the White Head. And now, he intends on further improving Homeworld until he sees fit. Maybe he'll have to use his own greatest invention... but we'll just have to see.


Confederate Bismuth: Confederate Bismuth is Rainbow Bismuth's failed clone. A failed experiment of Bismuth's, Confederate Bismuth was originally intended to be a way to reproduce Gems without having to use Kindergartens. However, the experiment failed, resulting in his current state. Initially used as a test subject, Confederate Bismuth eventually made himself free and primarily serves as a nuisance to his original counterpart.

To be continued.


  • Rainbow Bismuth + Confederate Bismuth = Double Rainbow Bismuth
  • Rainbow Bismuth + Pink Bismuth = Pink-Scale Bismuth

To be continued.


Bismuth Gemstone 2nd
Rainbow Bismuth's Gemstone

Rainbow Bismuth's Gemstone is a cube, with a hexagonal pattern like the one shown above. His Gem color varies upon his mood. Blue is neutral/happy, and is usually the most common color. Red is angry, and may result in the Gem being corrupted. Green is sad, and can make him feel depressed. Yellow is scared/alert, and usually pops up in sudden situations. Orange is confused, and is the most uncommon color. Purple is serious/brave, usually popping up in serious situations that he can handle. Pink is blushing, standing either for love, or for embarrassment.


  • Rainbow Bismuth was originally called just Bismuth, until Canon Bismuth was introduced into Steven Universe.

To be continued.


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