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It's hacking.

Purple Pearl is a defective Pearl under the rights of Musgravite, she is also currently fused with Ruby to Rhodonite.

Purple Pearl
Purple Pearl By Milky
Gem Weapon

Dark Matter Bow

Gender Identity

FemaleIcon Female


GenderlessIcon Genderless


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Purple Pearl

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Personal Status


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Purple Pearl is a slim figure,an inch taller than the regular Pearls and a very good technician-"hacker".Purple Pearl has straight purple hair with a purple pale skins and a purple casual pearl outfit with bright purple shoes.She also has a a top that is on her lower shoulders that are surrounding her.Her eyes are pale purple,stockins dark purple and a gem purple.


Purple Pearl has a personality of an innocent, cute Pearl and she


Purple Pearl posesses abilities that are common among some Pearls and gems, she can summon a weapon, product objects with her gemstone, retreat from her gemstone etc.

  • Archery:Purple Pearl is good at archery,she uses that ability to protect herself and important people.
  • Hologram Projection:Purple can create holograms and many other products with her "diamond eye".


Homeworld Rhodonite

Purple Pearl thinks that her fusion with Ruby is okay and thinks that she will help the world.


Because she is a defective Ruby, and they have same interests, she loves to spent time talking about ships and mechanics about technology.

Pink Diamond

She doesn't know Pink Diamond well or any of the Diamonds, she only knows that she was shatterted by a Rose Quartz and that's all, she always questions about what happened to her to her fella-friends and they couldn't answer due to that they didn't know and because they didn't want to disappoint her that she could be her original Diamond.

Pink Sapphire

She always gets annoyed by her visions, yet they are wrong she loves hearing them, too. She always will say something cool after that moment and then shake her.


  • Purple Pearl resembles the Zircons.
  • Purple Pearl supposed to be a Diamond's official Lawyer.
  • Purple Pearl is defective due to her more tall height and due to that she has no other Pearl personality.

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