Being one of Pink's most faithful followers, Poudretteite knows nothing behind Pink's shattering, because of this she became deeply affected by her shattering and was swayed by her negative emotions, which led her to a turbulent individual.


Poudretteite, is a turbulent (who was once assertive) individual. Due to her turbulence she was despised by other gems who caused to ostracised her. Poudretteite gets depressed easily, each time when she hears a topic (which is related to Pink Diamond) and she rages quickly by screaming and storming off the base swearing to murder the rebels who murdered her Diamond.

However in the past, Poudretteite was extremely assertive. She isn't as reactive as who she is, by not reacting to any attacks, and jeers. Each time faced with a problem, instead of crying, Poudretteite calmly faces the problem by trying to figure out the solution.


Poudretteite appears to be a tall, average-weight individual. She possesses a beautiful pale pink skin and a wavy-straight dark pink hair. She wears a red-pink sleeveless dress (which touches the ground) making her feet difficult to see. She owns a pair of pink arms and and legs and she has a claw-like fingers.



Mohs Scale Hardness: 5

Colour: Colourless ; Light Pink

Crystal system: Hexagonal Crystal Family