I will always serve you, my Diamond... I love you.

—Pink Bismuth to Yellow Diamond. (Maybe in the future)

Pink Bismuth is one of Golden Forge's OCs. She's the last of the three second-generation Bismuth Gems, the other two being Rainbow Bismuth and Confederate Bismuth. As opposed to the other Bismuth Gems, Pink Bismuth is extremely obedient, and her behavior can be compared to that of a Pearl.

Pink Bismuth
  • Pinky
  • Fresh Salmon

Fancy Tazer


FeminineIcon Feminine


5 Years

  • White Lab Coat
  • Pink Underclothes

February 29th




130 Pounds


Long Pink Hair


Pink Eyes


Pink Bismuth Cube

Gem Location


Professional Status


  • Inventor
  • Engineer
  • Scientist


Personal Status


  • Crystal Gems

Bismuth's Smelly 2nd Apartment

  • Yellow Diamond
Love Interest(s)





Golden Forge



Pink Bismuth is a somewhat thick feminine Gem, with a slight hint of curviness to her figure. She stands at 5'5" tall, with long pink curly hair, pink eyes, pink complexion, pink everything. Except for her lab coat, which is of course the standard white. She wears a pair of sandals for most of the time, except when otherwise is necessary. She never really wears anything else except when absolutely necessary, such as during an experiment.


When corrupt, Pink Bismuth's body turns into a swirling mass of pink cotton, which is pretty much like cotton candy. During this form, Pink Bismuth's Gem floats around as the cotton acts like a swarm of birds. Additionally, the cotton can stick with the Gem to form a large cotton monster, standing at about 10 feet tall.


Pink Bismuth is kind of like a Pearl. She's completely loyal to her Diamond, she sometimes thinks about her Diamond too much, and she may step out of line for her Diamond. However, she isn't all too stupid. She tends to do only what she is told to do, except on occasions where she accidentally does something else.

Being very young, Pink Bismuth is very energetic and excited as a whole. She tends to do every task given to her without hesitation, especially when given by her Diamond. She can be very curious, which helps contribute to her will to work hard as a scientist and discoverer on a daily basis.


Like most Gems, Pink Bismuth can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Fancy Tazer: A gold-covered taser with hints of hot pink in it, this serves as an easy-to-use self-defense weapon for Pink Bismuth. This weapon has no special functions, as it is actually just a simple taser. This doesn't mean it's weak however, just means there's no special effects added.

Enhanced Senses

Pink Bismuth's senses are very much enhanced, more than almost any other Gem's senses out there. This allows her to essentially have eagle-tier vision, super smell better than Rainbow Bismuth's, hearing better than a bat's, touch more detailed than a human's, and taste more delicate than a fancy eater. These enhanced senses could essentially allow her to easily tell many things that others can't tell.

Sixth Sense

Pink Bismuth has a sixth sense, known as Pre-Identification. Whenever Pink Bismuth senses an individual around herself, she actually automatically learns a bit more about that individual. This allows her to be more relevant with strangers, and know more and more about her friends without having to constantly ask. This sense could essentially be used practically, primarily in the usage of gathering secret information.


Pink Bismuth is the last of the Second-Generation Bismuths, who was born in modern times as opposed to the other Bismuths. Born in a time of Anti-Bismuthism, Pink Bismuth was very confused as to why she was being rejected when she was born. However, she was really excited to meet her Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and swore to work for her, always.

Over her life, she has learned about Rainbow Bismuth, the first of the Era-2 Bismuths who has only been a minor scientist up to this point in time. As a result, she has wanted to one-up him, and become Yellow Diamond's Royal Scientist. She would do plenty of small projects with other amateur scientists, wanting to graduate soon enough and join the working force. Up to this day, she has repeated this process, and intends on securing her destiny by creating a phenomenal invention.


Yellow Diamond: Yellow Diamond is Pink Bismuth's current boss. Yellow Diamond has been in Pink Bismuth's life since birth, having met her only moments after coming out of a Kindergarten. Pink Bismuth has always dreamed of working for Yellow Diamond, and has always cared for her deeply. To Pink Bismuth, Yellow Diamond is the very best diamond out of the bunch. If Pink Bismuth was able to marry ANYONE in the Universe, it'd be Yellow Diamond.

To be continued.


  • Pink Bismuth + Rainbow Bismuth = Pink-Scale Bismuth

To be continued.


Pink Bismuth Gem
Pink Bismuth's Gemstone

Pink Bismuth's Gemstone is located in her cranium, much like the gemstones of other second-generation Bismuths. Her gemstone can change shading depending on the intensity of her emotions. The gemstone turns darker in more intense emotions/situations, and it turns paler in less intense emotions/situations.


  • Pink Bismuth is colored after a plain piece of Bismuth, or more specifically... Pepto-Bismol, a medicine that uses Bismuth as a prime ingredient.

To be continued.

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