Try not to make too many OCs, I said.

It'll be EASY, I said.


Pez, Literally, Fucking Pez





Gem Weapon

Longsword And Kite Shield


Armor Resembling Chainmail And Plate.


He's Gay Despite Being Based Off Of people Who Fought In The Name Of Christ.






Numerous Scars Across Their Entire Body

Blood Color







250 LBs



Gem Location


Personal Status

Those Who Oppose The Diamonds

Lives in

Military-Housing Supplied By The Aforementioned Armed Forces




The Majority Of Combat He's Been Qualified For


Sabaton - The Last Stand


Apple Papel


Daniel Flynn


Knights Templar


Pezzottaite is a fairly standard Gem, Lacking any outlandish or outstanding features. They stand at a fair 7'8", With Dark Red Hair, Unkempt in all sense of the word, The centerpiece being the Almighty Garibaldi Beard, just reaching down to his neck. Though, For the most part, This is entirely hidden away, Due to them often wearing both their helmet and suit of armor, Which, Blocks out just about everything, Minus a few patches of skin and, Most notably, Their eyes. Wearing simple Chainmail, And few pieces of Platemail alike (For the shoulders, And other important parts of the Gems' Structure), They're well rounded against a wide-degree of attacks, But, In all respects, It's not enough to stop most Gem Weaponry, Limited only to daggers and dull blades. Pazzottaite wears a Surcoat, The Symbol of a Red Diamond on the very center of the Cloth, And at the right shoulder, In their respective sizes. The Headpiece is a Simple Great Helm, A flat-topped cylinder of Metal that completely covers the head and has only very small openings for the eyes and mouth, Shaped to deflect or lessen the impact of blows.


Pezzottaite Is, In many ways, Moonstone's Homeworld-Dwelling Counterpart, A strict moral-code and intent to risk themselves for what they believe in. However, The similarities end there, Pezzottaite being mostly average in their ability to concentrate on the task at hand and, try as they might, outwit an opponent. They aren't particularly smart, But, Then again, They aren't a lackwit. Their goal, Above all others, Is to uphold the peace, By, Of course, Slaughtering Rebels and those who oppose the Diamonds. After all, What would a knight be, Without someone to Kill for?


Pezzottaite, While lacking in mobility, Is still somewhat light on their feet. That being said, They can only medium-roll, Like a fucking skrub of sorts. They can still jump, Though it does suffer from the armor they wear, To a degree. They almost entirely rely on their duo of Weapons, A Kite Shield and Longsword; The former, being average in size, And, Like much of their attire, Bleached-White, With a Red Diamond insignia in the very center, The latter, An even more simplistic Longsword, Sharply Edged to where lacerations and the removal of an Unarmored foes' Limbs become a mere occurrence, And Pointed, Well hard enough to pierce through most kinds of Armor, And, More importantly, Gems. Note; The actual Stones are well-immune to this, Unless soft by any means.

Sword & Shield

At the cost of a power, They wield these weapons with the utmost of skill and valor, Capable of a multitude of (Standardized) Tasks, Most of which being the quick dispatch of Gems within close range. With a mindset on fighting, Pezzottaite spends a healthy portion of their time either training with their Superiors, Or with those they've encountered on the Battlefield.

Oath Of Sunlight

The Ability To Raise the sword aloft when praising the sun, to boost attack and damage absorption for Oneself and allies in vicinity. For only a Warrior such as Pezzottaite would consider this a blessing, In reality, It being a simple Ability given to him on formation, As all other Gems receive something of this ilk. Well. Those of the first era, Anyway.

Lightning Spear

The name says it all; Raise one's hand and harness the power of Lightning, Before hurling the gathered Bolt with gusto at your opponent. The lengthy wait time to cast might just be worth the output, Often enough to stun Gems for a short while or, At the very least, Suppress them whilst Pezzottaite thinks of a proper Strategy.


Pezzottaite was created a Guardian To Pink Diamond, Though, Entered Active Service Far Too Late For Their Intended Purpose. After undergoing the basic training regiment Gems often take when made for a dedicated purpose, Pezzottaite was reassigned under Yellow Diamond After Pink's Shattering Occurred, Ready For the Great Gem War with a few thousand years to spare. With little happening up until the Uprising, Pezzottaite had Time Aplenty to focus on training and garnering knowledge of their home planet, And, Inevitably, Originally Intended Diamond. When the actual War Broke Out, They were among the first to see Combat, A sight to behold, Truly. A War of such magnitude was virtually unheard of for them, Only witnessing Small-Scale battles (Typically On Planets Inhabited By Primitive Lifeforms) up until then. Afterwards, They fought in a few more small-scale battles, The only difference being the fact that they were mostly against Gems who had fled to planets aside Earth. With nothing left to do afterwards, They had used the small share of Credits obtained for their Service to purchase a House. Of which they've resided in for the past few thousand years. Located at the Edge of the Yellow District, Pezzottaite has mostly been living in tranquility, Battles having become scarce amongst the Soldiers.


I Promise, I'm Original. I cited the Thirteenth Century Crusaders for inspiration, Not Dark Souls, This time around.

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