Yeah, I'm a Peridot. But whats the point of a technician with no arms?!

"Off Colordot", is the nickname given to an Off Color Peridot. She lives with the other Off Colors in the Giant Homeworld Kindergarten and she is flawed because she has no arms.


Peridot Facet-2R4B Cut-6EJ
  • Off Colordot

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Off Colordot looks just like Peridot, but without the forehead gemstone, without arms and of course, without limb enchancers. Her pants change however- the toes are green instead of yellow, and the rest of the leg is dark green until it reaches the yellow diamond insignia knees. Her colors are also greenish-yellow instead of just green.


Off Colordot acts a lot like Peridot, but somewhat more calm and a bit more friendly.


Off Colordot was made with other Peridots in a Olivine Kindergarten. However, something has hit her arms, causing her to come out armless. She ended up not getting limb enchancers and no attention from Homeworld at all, which led her to run away. Now shes in the Giant Homeworld Facility.


Off Colordot can fuse, can summon a light out of her gem and has to retreat to her gemstone when injured.



An real peridot.

Gemstone Information

  • Peridots are 6.5 to 7 in the mohs scale.
  • Peridots' colors can vary to yellow-ish green to brown-ish green.
  • Peridots are a type of olivine.
  • It is said that Cleopatra's emeralds were actually peridots. It is also said that peridots were also her favorite gemstones.


Image Description
[[File:|100px|thumb|center]] Her gemstone is just like Peridot's, but it doesn't has sides, with the middle of it just being the middle. It is located in her chest.


  • Off Colordot was originally going to be just Peridot without arms and with different gemstone placement, but she would be too unoriginal like that.

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