Chaotic Obsanite (Villain) (Type: Psychic/Fire)

  • Obsi (Most Gems)
  • P 3.0 AUO (Blue Diamond)

Gem (forced-fusion)

  • Scepter of Blue Flames and Doomed Shadows

SexlessIcon Sexless


FeminineIcon Feminine


300 years

  • Obsanite wears pointed skirt which is attached to a upper chest plate that covers her chest and the upper part of her back.
  • Obsanite also wears Boots of her own design as-well Gauntlets of her own design if she removes them har hands well regenerate to there normal state and Obsanite also wears a Visor of her own design.
  • The rest of Obsanite's body is covered by a Black skin Suit


  • Obsanite is tall and skinny with Dark-Blue Colored Skin with some Deep-purple Streaks on her face and some on her arms,legs,chest and waist
  • Obsanite has a Hourglass figure

7ft5 with Gear

5ft5 Without Gear

  • Obsanite hair is a dark shade of Navy with dark shaded Indigo Streaks
  • Obsanite has Indigo colored eyes with a Navy Patton and black colored pules

Chaotic Obsanite

Professional Status
  • Gem Homeworld
  • Blue Diamond
  • Scientist
  • Gem Homeworld
Personal Status


  • Obsanite Gem Group
  • Obsidian Gem Group
  • Tanzanite Gem Group




Courtenay Taylor

Obsanite is a Gem that works in a Lab in the Blue Diamond District which is connected to anther Lab Obsanite owns on Durktourea. Obsanite is the head of Gem-Weaponry development in blue diamond's district, however not many Gems know of this since Blue Diamond likes to keep Obsanite's position a Secret in-order to make sure that random Gems don't interfere with Obsanite's work.

Obsanite Gemstone:

Gemstone Image Gemstone Name Gemstone Location
Chaotic Obsanite for redo-0
Obsanite Located on the colar


You Frozen clod! Go ahead, try and catch me! I got this all planed


Obsanite used to be a romantic relationship between Tanzanite and Obsidian. Tanzanite was 'smashed' in the rebellion and Obsidian was contrived to become a forced-fusion with her. Obsanite does not remember this so she is oblivious to it.

Red Spinel

Obsanite has a close relationship with Red Spinel and are also United as one under the name of the Universe. Red is Obsanite's personal bodyguard.

Red Spinel Means the world to Obsanite but sometimes she wishes she had more-time to show it, do to the rapid increase for more and more HW weaponry Obsanite sometimes finds it hard to show Red Spinel how much she cares but will tell her whenever possible.


Obsanite is unsocial and there for doesn't have any friends to mention

Obsanite Fusion List:

  • (Noveazeiseite)


  • Obsanite is a very Serious gem that normally does not like to joke around but she can see the funny side in things when in the right mood.
  • Obsanite is normally quite calm and tends to work at a good pace but can over work herself however this is normally not a problem for her since she finds most things in the field of her work very easy.
  • Obsanite hates being missed with and can get very angry and upset about it depending on what it is.
  • Obsanite hates being told what to do by gems she sees as below her but if said gem means something positive to her then its not an issue.
  • Obsanite in General dislikes anything that gets in the way of her work unless it benefits her in some way she well most likely try to ovoid it or at the very lest ignore it but well normally try to get ride of it this depends on what it is and what the effects of Removing,Using or Ignoring it would be.



  • Fighting Style: Obsanite uses powerful, magical attacks based around darkness and fire. She likes to keep her distance during battle, due to not being very resistant to physical attacks. Obsanite mainly keeps her calm during battle and uses advanced strategies to try to keep distances between her and the enemy, using her high intelligence to get herself out of trembling situations.

Unique Abilities

  • Fire Pulse (Blue): An Energy Ball based attack where the user fires a single charge shot of Dark based Energy that explodes on impact with things its travels at canon fire Speeds.
  • Telepathy: Obsanite can read minds using her third eye which she normally keeps hidden. Obsanite only uses this ability when needed and does not like using it for no reason.
  • Hologram. Obsanite can project hologram versions of herself however they do not come equipped with all her tech and are around 50% weaker on all scales this is duo to her gem being a little under developed since normal Obsanite gems are commonly round and have 1 main color with same color lighter and darker shades.

Artificial Abilities

Hand/Arm Gear:

  • Obsi Copter: Obsanite can use her Fingers to fly similarly to Peridot.
  • Grappling Hand: Obsanite can use her hand to grab things that are far away or get to high places faster by firing her hand(s) at send object and edges etc,etc.
  • Interface Creation: Obsanite can project a holographic touchscreen from her fingers, in which she can control and connect to different forms of Gem technology.
  • Tractor Beam: Obsanite can move things using a Tractor Beam built into her Arm Gear.
  • Reflector Shield: Obsanite can Generate a Reflector shield using all the fingers on one hand similarly to the way she forms her Interface Creation the shield is at it maxes when rotated the faster the better this courses the reflected Energy based attack to be sent back faster the Reflector shield can only Reflect Energy based attacks.

Leg/Foot Gear:

  • Hover Boots: Obsanite is able to hover in the air at will using her hover boots she can use them to hover a max of 10ft in the air however she normal just uses them to get around faster by hovering lower while performing a skating motion she can travel faster then her maximum running speed.
  • Wall-Scaling: Obsanite wears special shoes that allow her to freely run up vertical walls without falling, depending on what the wall is made of.

Eye Gear:

  • Weapon Tracer: Obsanite wears a speacil Viser of her own design it does everything a normal Viser can do including Trace Gem weapons after seeing them in use at lest once,Obsanite can then products that Gem weapon form her gem as if it was her own.
  • Lock On: Obsanite's Viser is capable of locking onto almost anything aslong as its not too fast.
  • Heat Vision: Obsanite's Viser can display voth Hot and cold spots.

Gem Gear:

  • Emergency Bubble Filed: only activated while the wearer is pooft (Gear is located on the back of the wearers gemstone) this device uses energy form the gem to create a powerful protective shield becasue of this the wearer cant reform while in the protective Filed. The filed is extremely hard to pop or disable however can be moved around like a normal gem bubble.


  • Obsanite is not a real gemstone.
  • Editor's Word: She was originally an idea I came up with of two Gems that had to become one Gem, and that Gem they became was named Obsanite. This idea was scraped, due to people getting confused and surging her as a fusion. So, in the end, I did make her a fusion.
  • Obsanite's full name is Night Sky-blue Obsanite, named after the color of the gemstone being night sky-blue.
  • Obsanite comes in four mean colors:
    • Night sky-blue (common).
    • Royal purple (rare).
    • Pure black (rarest).
    • Blood-red (common).
  • Obsanite also comes in different types, such as:
    • Galaxy obsanite an extremely rare type of obsanite that is normally black with a blue, red or purple spiraling shape in the middle with arms stitching out near the end, giving the appearances of a 'galaxy'.
    • Snowstorm obsanite is a rare obsanite gem that has had snowflake obsidian en-fused with it, instead of normal obsidian.
    • Chaotic obsanite a very rare type of obsanite can have up to all four main colors of obsanite. They are mainly black with the other colors bursting out the center of the gem. This makes it look very fascinating when moved around in light.
  • Obsanite Gemstones in there respective Colors:
Gemstone Image Gemstone Name Gemstone Shape Gemstone Hardness Gemstone Rarity
Fully Develpoed Obsanite gemstone Blue


Round or Rounded 9-9.5 Most Common
Fully Develpoed Obsanite gemstone Red


Round or Rounded 9-9.5 Common
Fully Develpoed Obsanite gemstone Purple


Round or Rounded 9-9.5 Rare
Fully Develpoed Obsanite gemstone Black


Round or Rounded 9-9.5 Rarest
Fully Develpoed Obsanite gemstone Green
Parakeet Obsanite Round or Rounded 9-9.5 Very Rare

(Only Found on Durktourea)

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