Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate is a custom-built gem comprised of 25 Yttrium Orthovanadate gemstones and 25 Neodymium blocks fused into one gem intended to be able to have the power to end a rebellion or war.

Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate
Identification Code
  • Personal: Facet: V65 Cut: Y24
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 01: Facet: B46 Cut: R11
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 02: Facet: B47 Cut: R12
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 03: Facet: B48 Cut: R13
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 04: Facet: B49 Cut: R14
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 05: Facet: B51 Cut: R16
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 06: Facet: B52 Cut: R17
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 07: Facet: B53 Cut: R18
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 08: Facet: B54 Cut: R19
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 09: Facet: B55 Cut: R20
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 10: Facet: B56 Cut: R21
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 11: Facet: B57 Cut: R22
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 12: Facet: B58 Cut: R23
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 13: Facet: B59 Cut: R24
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 14: Facet: B60 Cut: R25
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 15: Facet: B61 Cut: R26
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 16: Facet: B62 Cut: R27
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 17: Facet: B63 Cut: R28
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 18: Facet: B65 Cut: R30
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 19: Facet: B66 Cut: R31
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 20: Facet: B67 Cut: R32
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 21: Facet: B68 Cut: R33
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 22: Facet: B69 Cut: R34
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 23: Facet: B70 Cut: R35
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 24: Facet: B71 Cut: R36
  • Yttrium Orthovanadate 25: Facet: B72 Cut: R37
  • Neodymium 01: Facet: R86 Cut: G65
  • Neodymium 02: Facet: R87 Cut: G66
  • Neodymium 03: Facet: R88 Cut: G67
  • Neodymium 04: Facet: R89 Cut: G68
  • Neodymium 05: Facet: R90 Cut: G69
  • Neodymium 06: Facet: R92 Cut: G71
  • Neodymium 07: Facet: R93 Cut: G72
  • Neodymium 08: Facet: R94 Cut: G73
  • Neodymium 09: Facet: R95 Cut: G74
  • Neodymium 10: Facet: R96 Cut: G75
  • Neodymium 11: Facet: R97 Cut: G78
  • Neodymium 12: Facet: R98 Cut: G79
  • Neodymium 13: Facet: R99 Cut: G80
  • Neodymium 14: Facet: S02 Cut: G82
  • Neodymium 15: Facet: S03 Cut: G83
  • Neodymium 16: Facet: S04 Cut: G84
  • Neodymium 17: Facet: S05 Cut: G85
  • Neodymium 18: Facet: S07 Cut: G87
  • Neodymium 19: Facet: S08 Cut: G88
  • Neodymium 20: Facet: S09 Cut: G89
  • Neodymium 21: Facet: S10 Cut: G90
  • Neodymium 22: Facet: S11 Cut: G91
  • Neodymium 23: Facet: S12 Cut: G92
  • Neodymium 24: Facet: S13 Cut: G93
  • Neodymium 25: Facet: S15 Cut: G95




Gem Weapon

Sword (Yttrium Orthodanavate), shield (Neodymium)


HermaphroditeIcon Hermaphrodite


FemaleIcon Female









Walking Style

Somewhat casual, potentially formal

Dance Style


Fighting Style(s)

Sword, shield and ranged attacks


Blue district




90 LBS

Gem Location

All 50 are placed on the belly area, most of the gem(s) however are inside of the belly.

Professional Status







Diamond Authority




Neutral Good

Personal Status


Last Appearance


It must be lonely only being one gem...

—Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate


Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate appears to be a young female with B cup breasts, light blue skin and a somewhat slim figure. Her clothing consists of a two-layer ruffle light-ish blue skirt that reaches to just short of the knees that manages to cover her lighter blue, blue diamond insignia patterned panties. Covering the chest area is a short, skirt-coloured shirt that doesn't reach past the chest at the front whilst it goes very slightly further down the sides and back, ending in points. The only pattern present on the shirt is the blue diamond insignia on the centre-middle Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate's hair is styled into a ponytail comprised of three winding strands of hair and reaches down to the elbows. The hair is also styled into two pairs of points, one pair is on the left and right side of the hair behind the ears, shaped into points that reach down to the neck whilst the second pair is in front of the ears, laying over the cheeks and only reaching the chin. A rather prominent trait is her 50 gemstones adorning the belly. There is 25 Yttrium Othovanadate gems cut with a circle shape, arranged into circles whilst the 25 Neodymium cuboids appear as squares that circle the gemstones. On the back of the chest is a square, mechanical device that sticks out a bit, overlaying the shirt. In the centre of this square device is the blue diamond insignia.


Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate is a gem that loves her status as a fusion, feeling that it always provides plenty of company for her even when seemingly by herself. None the less she can't help but resent being forced to wear a power limiter in times outside of what few combat missions she gets. She tends to act somewhat relaxed in normal situations although becomes much more obedient and formal around higher-ups.


Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate has standard gem abilities, such as summoning a weapon (albeit in her case two weapons), shapeshifting and fusing.

Unique Abilities

Laser Cannon

Her two gemstone types synergise strangely, allowing for Neodymium-doped Yttrium Orthovanadate to fire a powerful laser from her circle of gems, especially powerful due to the sheer numbers of gems and the lack of need from them to support a much larger physical form like most fusions would.

Laser Weapons

The laser powers are also used to enhance her weapons greatly, making the shield much better at stopping attacks and the sword much better at causing damage.

Restricted Power

The fusion of so many gems comes with a device designed to intensely reduce her power under normal circumstances, thus making it a lot safer to trust her being in Homeworld. Certain gems are able to unlock this device however if required for whatever reason.




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