Musgravite is a homeworld gem that is currently hiding from Homeworld in the planet Earth.


Musgravite is a sassy gem with high standards.She loves being the gem she is but she hates the gem others want her to be.


Musgravite has purple-bright purple hair,neutral purple eyes and pale purple skin,she wears a casual purple,Pink Diamond outfit.


Musgravite has abilities that are common among all gems.

  • Strong Body:Musgravite has a thick body which she can protect herself from enemies.


  • When they fuse with Purple Pearl,they form Lavender Quartz.


In The Gem War

When Musgravite was in The Gem War,she didn't know what to do when she helped out a Pearl,hiding inside her hole calling for help and suffering,Musgravite thought that the Pearl wasn't safe and she helped her.

After The Gem War

When the war ended,Musgravite and their Pearl tried to fuse together to make a new gem,Lavender Quartz.

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