Moonstone (Hecatolite variant), is a specially ordered one-of-a-kind gem who

serves a high ranking position under White Diamond. He is in charge of the production of Zircons and Pink Ocean Jaspers, as well as handling re-education/reprogramming of wayward gem prisoners.

Moonstone is the head manager of a White Diamond colony known as Astinda, where he carries out all of the reeducation work.


Moonstone has pale blue skin with dark blue surrounding his eyes. His hair is white with glittery blue undersides, the patterns sometimes seem to move. His eyes have dark blue sclera and white irises with crescent shaped pupils.

He wears a dark blue and white jumpsuit with the White Diamond insignia over the chest, Lace decoration, dark blue gloves, and white heeled boots. His weapon is the moon crown, which amplifies his abilities.


Moonstone is very confident and curious. He's quick to show interest in new things, and sometimes pick up on them as he did when he met humans on earth.

While he still demands respect from lower class gems, he's more willing to sympathize with them. He also seems to show a bit of a soft spot for defective gems and some non gem species, since their uniqueness reminds him of himself.

Moonstone will always either be deafeningly silent or will talk your ear off and never stop. Since there aren't many gems of his status that he can regularly talk to, he usually resorts to venting constantly to prisoners.


Moonstone's abilities include:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Weapon summoning (Crown)
  • Gem hijacking - Allows him to take complete control of another gem and manipulate them. (Effectiveness is relative to the gem's strength)
  • Mind Reading

Fusion List 



Starstone (TBA)

Moonstone's relationship to Starstone is extremely strained and they usually only interact when necessary. Moonstone thinks she's a huge stick in the mud and absolutely can't stand her attitude towards his pearl. Moonstone tends to tease and push her to the edge quite often and they typically end up fighting.

Powder Blue Pearl (TBA)

Powder Blue is Moonstone's pearl. Moonstone treats them far better than would be considered professional, and often values their opinion above other gems on his court. He spends a lot of his free time talking to them and allows them to offer opinions while dealing with prisoners. He doesn't use Powder Blue for manual labor or for typical servant tasks, rather allowing them to perch on his shoulder or in his coat, a little more like jewelry.


Image Description
Moonstone's Gem is located on his navel. It is smooth with no facets and is a long oval shape. The front and back are symmetrical, and it has a slight glittery sheen over it.


Powder Blue Short

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