Moonstone is a refugee from Homeworld. (Made by Augustariver, is one of the protoagnists in Stuck Together


Moonstone is a tall gem, with a slender build. Minty green skin, with thin lips. She has crystal blue eyes. She wears a dress that reaches about her knees. She has long light minty green hair, with long bangs that cover her eyes and gemstone


Moonstone is caring, shy, anxious, timid, angsty, sarcastic, mysterious,  compassionate, sometimes cold and distant, and insecure.


Moonstone was created on Homeworld a little before the War started. She was seen as a 'rare', 'elegant', and 'high-classed' gem. She was always either pampered or on missions. During the war, a Turquoise soldier was made. The Turquoise ended up being defected. She and Turquoise were suppose to go to another planet to check it out.

During it, Turquoise told her somethings, and Moonstone realized that Homeworld was a little too cruel sometimes. Sympathizing for her, Moonstone told Turquoise that she wasn't her slave and that she was a gem.

Thousands of years later, the two were suppose to go to Earth, but ended up being stranded there.


Moonstone possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.


  • Moonstone + Turquoise = Amazonite

Unique Abilities

  • Memory Projection
  • Astral Attacks
  • Astral Manipulation
  • Empathic Telepathy

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