Ah, You Were At My Side All Along. My True Mentor... My Guiding Moonlight.

—Moonstone, Doing Something Edgy

Here's Moonstone. Because I couldn't find any Moonstones in the recent activity. I'm gonna make one. Unoriginal, I know.





Gem Weapon

Holy Moonlight Sword




MaleIcon Male









Blood Color

Bright Turquoise

Color Scheme





180 - 413 LBs (With Armor)

Gem Location



6.0 - 6.5

Professional Status

Crystal Gems

Base(s) Of Operations

A Literal Cave

Personal Status

A Line Of Moonstones So Detailed And Original That I Couldn't Even Begin To Imagine Them, Let Alone Describe Them



Lives on


Lives in

A Cave


The Evil That Men Do - Iron Maiden


Here's Moonstone. I Promise i'll make the next Character Something other than Male. I'm obligated to, At some point. But, For the time being. Moonstone stands at 7'11", Just above average in terms of height, His common attire being drab, tattered cloth, concealing tough, black metal. It is just possible to make out the majestic gold engravings on its surface. He can generally be viewed as Pale in terms of coloring, Almost milky in terms of contrast. Terms. I use the word 'Terms' A lot. Moonstone, While not immensely outstanding in coloration or size, Does offer something to those who prefer the simple side of people.


Moonstone Is The Very Definition Of being something you're simply not; Doing their absolute best to remain stoic during the heat of battle or in the midst of an extremely stressful situation, Though, In essence, He's about as distant as, Well, The moon, Most of the time. Often easily losing focus or attention slipping from important things in favor of something that catches their interest, They would've never made it on Homeworld. In Fact, They might even be viewed as defective, The only time their Emotions happen to shine through being when in the heat of combat or when they've kept them locked away for far too long.


Here we have Moonstone's most desirable aspect. Abilities. It's a shame that they don't spend more time honing them, Their only prowess being in the use of his Trademarked Greatsword. Though, Don't all Gems have the excelling ability to use their Weapon? Moonstone's Primary weapon would be a Large, Scratched and Nicked Greatsword, Looking almost as if it were made of Stone due to the coloration and seemingly endless amount of marks on it. Its real focus should come to its Astonishing Ability to envelop itself in Moonlight on a whim, Boosting Moonstone's physical capabilites By a Sizable Margin. Or rather, Their ability to actually hold it with one hand. As, Surely, Such an ability would be viewed as overpowered. A seemingly pointless way to increase strength. The length and size of the Blade overall growing outward due to the bright Aquamarine that Covers the weapon and the area around it, its attacks leave a glowing trail, And at the cost of one's own Stamina, May launch waves of Moonlight at their foes from afar. The only reason to keep it in its untransformed state, Would be the fact that it is a dead giveaway on both the Battlefield and when Trying to keep under the cover of darkness.

Holy Moonlight:

The ability to thrust the aforementioned weapon into the Ground, Thus propelling and causing damage to all those around Moonstone should He become overwhelmed. For around Thirty seconds after this attack, Moonstone's Sword loses it's bright Glow, Leaving them much more vulnerable to attack.


The ability to clutch the sword in front of oneself, And gain a temporary boost to Resistance and Swinging Speed, A side effect being the common loss of pain during attacks. Some say this is entirely dependent on the user's prowess with the weapon, And with Moonstone, it should come no surprise that they often lose track of when they have the ability active. For about one minute total, This ability gives them the edge in a battle that they may very well be losing, And without it, He would surely perish against stronger foes.


Moonstone's only passive Ability, Part of their standard attire being a set of Seemingly Metal armor, Able to help defend against Most small-arms and more importantly, Ranged Weaponry that could otherwise render him immobile or, Worse, Dead. Should it become destroyed, And should his energy become spent, Moonstone would have no chance in one of the Battles he would often consider himself a great choice for leading.


Like the Sword? I Know i do. It's probably one of my very favorite weapons, If not my favorite weapon altogether, From the Souls Series. I know i'm unoriginal, And i know i'm probably going to get some disapproving head-shaking, But come on, It's inspiration, Regardless of where it comes from. That being said, I really do love the Moonlight Greatsword, And it was the inspiration for this particular Character.

I also really wanted to put Ludwig The Holy Blade's Theme Here. But. I managed to Stave the Urge off, For now.

I'll change the Color Palette if it's really that Blinding. Just let me know, Please! It's no issue.

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