You're just a sad little Quartz... except red and in fun-size! Like me, except worse instead of better.

—Moissanite, insulting a Carnelian.

Moissanite is one of Golden Forge's OCs. A brand new Gem, Moissanite was created by Rose Water Opal to become a member of Yellow Diamond's court. Intended on being a replacement for the last Moissanite in Yellow Diamond's court, she is shorter, meaner, and more powerful than almost all other high-ranking Gems.

  • Hothead
  • Orange Moissanite
  • Fire Moissanite



Illuminating Rapier


FeminineIcon Feminine


Red Court Outfit


June the 22nd


Flame-Orange Skin


2 Feet to 10 Feet


30 Pounds to 1000 Pounds


Flame-Shaped Red Hair


Red Eyes



Gem Location

Right Hip

Professional Status


Personal Status





Golden Forge



Moissanite takes the form of a generally thicker female, her torso being generally round with her limbs being somewhat short. She has orange skin and eyes, with red hair styled like a flame. She wears an embellished red court outfit, complete with gloves and a flowing cape. Due to her physique, she is generally smaller compared to other Moissanites; and despite the physique, she maintains strong arms and legs. Her appearance can change with her size, looking to be either cuter or more menacing.


Moissanite ends up being masculine, being confined to her form and a certain height. She ends up becoming the Heat Miser from a Year Without a Santa Claus. In this form, she temporarily loses all memories and attempts to heat everything up while singing the Heat Miser song. In addition, he attempts to hunt down Cubic Zirconia at all costs, especially if she is also semi-corrupt.


Moissanite becomes disproportionately larger, turning into a very large dragon similar to that of Alduin, Smaug, or the Ruined Dragon. In this form, Moissanite attempts to cover everything in fire, having a tendency to attack everything nearby her. The form doesn't usually last very long, with Moissanite soon becoming semi-corrupt.


Moissanite is a very strict individual, having the tendency of insulting even the slightest defects in Gems' appearances and performances. As a result of this, she tends to be overly harsh in the treatments of other Gems, except for those that exceed her expectations. In addition to this, she tends to have a relatively short fuse, refusing to keep her cool in many situations. In this combination, she is feared by many Gems in fear of her punishing them.

Due to being very much new, Moissanite has a profound loyalty to the Diamonds; Yellow Diamond to be specific. As a result, she tries to be calmer around her, and tends to follow every order she is given. In addition to this, she tends to make quirky decisions from her young age. This leads to her insulting Gems and using awkward wording some of the time, instead of following up with stern words.


Like most Gems, Cubic Zirconia can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Illuminating Rapier: Moissanite wields a bright rapier, which she can pull from her gemstone like a sheath due to its placement. This sword has a unusually high temperature attached to it, which is proportionate to its brightness, which is proportionate to how angry she is. Depending on her mood, the temperature can range anywhere from 100-1000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Being the stark contrast to Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite has the ability to manipulate fire around her for various purposes. As such, she could easily use the fire to surround and/or attack enemies. In addition, she has the unique ability of being able to walk on fire, as long as she concentrates it to a certain degree. In order to start a fire, she could either burst it from her hands, spark it on flammable objects, or release it with her infamous Fire Breath. Moissanite is theoretically the most powerful Gem out there, being able to control and release more fire than other Gems.

Fire Breath

Moissanite's most infamous ability is her Fire Breath: the ability to release fire from her mouth in ridiculous amounts. This fire is much more potent and hotter than any other fire she can manipulate, and is much more capable of forcing any Gem to retreat into their gemstone. In fact, it is probably the only form of fire that can potentially damage those who are immune to heat. A unique ability of this particular flame is that it could potentially melt a gemstone if given enough time and anger. Such a physical process would require either complex scientific procedures or Rose Quartz tears to be reversed.

Changing Size

Like most Diamonds and Gems of such power, Moissanite can change her size, height, and weight at will. She tends to have a minimum height of 2 feet, and a maximum of 10 feet. She also tends to have a minimum weight of 30 pounds, and a maximum weight of 1000 pounds. She tends to use this ability to shrink herself for escaping, but usually stays at her maximum size.


When the infamous Cubic Zirconia escaped Homeworld and left Blue Diamond's district in ice, Yellow Diamond was very frustrated. No other Gem of such a high rank had defied the Diamonds beforehand or had the capability of fighting them. Through her anger, she had realized that this Gem may return one day to wreak more havoc. As a result, she decided to make a Moissanite that was the complete opposite of Cubic Zirconia in every way, shape, and form.

The original Moissanite was considered a defect among other such examples, and was seen as an off-color by the other Diamonds. Yellow Diamond saw her this way too, until she saw the potential in such a Gem. She was capable of pyrokinesis that was basically the equivalent of Cubic Zirconia's cyrokinesis, and had such a strict and angry personality that many other Gems were scared to step out of line. Soon enough, she ended up becoming Yellow Diamond's favorite Gem, especially when she helped to get rid of Doctor Emerald.

However, the original Moissanite's anger eventually led to her very doom. Near the end of Era 2, she went on a mission with Rainbow Bismuth and Grey Topaz to explore a new planet called Pandora. While she easily tolerated the former and a part of the latter, she was angered by White Topaz's escapades, which eventually led to her accidentally shattering her partner with a Shattering Robonoid in an attempt to shatter her. In response, White Topaz attacked her with the Breaking Point, and she was no more.

In the short period Moissanite was gone, Yellow Diamond's court was under havoc with many ties in decision and a lot less rule. As a result, Yellow Diamond commissioned Rose Water Opal to create a new Moissanite according to her liking. And it worked... in fact, it worked so much that this new Moissanite was even better than the original. Yellow Diamond knew she made the right decision, and left the new Moissanite to do what she is best at: terrorize all other Gems into order.









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