The Disappearance of Confederate Bismuth is the first chapter of Meayaty Romance.


This chapter contains suggestive language.

The Disappearance of Confederate Bismuth

"Aya-yo..." he muttered to himself. Confederate Bismuth was just about to head to the club, although he wasn't in the mood at all. He was still upset over Sky Blue Opal. He began to groggily shuffle out of his house, but before he did, he took a look at the mirror located on the wall of the hallway leading up to the front door. He hadn't fully appreciated how perfect his masculine, daddy physique was before. He stared in amazement at his big biceps and his meaty thighs. He also admired his large pecs and his ayamazing abs. He stood there, excited by the sight of himself, for a brief moment, before he snapped out of it. He was embarassed and ashamed of the thoughts he just had, but he tried to shake it off and he continued to make his way to the club.

He had arrived. It was a night just like any other at Confederate Bismuth's Wonderland. Candy Quartz was pole dancing to the Come Tit Jamoma song, Kyanite and a trio of ayanites were sat at a table in the corner sipping tea, and Shadow Diamond was walking up to people and licking their faces. Everything seemed normal, until he saw her. Everyone in the club turned around to look at a figure stood by the entrance. She was somewhat short, had long , beautiful twintails and was strangely attractive. Her oversized breasts swayed and jiggled gently, and her flowing hair fluttered ever so slightly with each step she took. Everyone's heads followed the gem, mesmerised by her beauty. She was walking towards him. Confederate Bismuth. She gradually slowed her pace as she came closer to CB, and eventually came to a stop, stood about 2 feet away from him.

CB was extremely flustered. "..Wh-what brings you here?" he said with a nervous chuckle. The gem did not utter a single word. There was a long silence. There was not a single sound in the entire club. Kyanite and her ayas put down their teacups, and Candy detached her buttocks from the pole. Everyone stared at the two gems, confused and somewhat aroused, anticipating what would happen next. The confederate was sweating uncontrollably, his whole body trembling and his eyes fixed on the sexy gem girl. Suddenly, she lifted up her head, and her eyes glistened. They were big and expressive, and a red iris was contained within the left eye, while an aqua iris was inside the other. They only added to her already unheard of level of attractiveness. Her sheer beauty altered CB's perception of time, which made it seem as if they were stood together for hours, but it had only been 5 seconds. Abruptly, still without making a noise, the gem flung her arm out and quickly grabbed CB by the collar, yanking him closer to her. Not a second later, the two gems vanished, leaving behind a strange pink smoke. Everyone was completely frozen, awestruck by whatever just happened; no one really knew. After a few seconds, the mutters and chatter began to slowly rise in volume, and Candy continued her suggestive dancing.

The ayanites sat with Kyanite smirked at each other, and then all got up to make their way to the exit, leaving behind a very confused Kyanite.

Everything had gone back to normal. No one really seemed to care that CB was gone, but everyone was still wondering who on earth that girl was.