Aya~Nya is the second chapter of Meayaty Romance.


This chapter contains suggestive language, and sexual scenes.


His eyes lazily fluttered open. It was all pink and glittery. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, the furniture, the bed, all of it. Weirdly enough, Confederate didn't find it overwhelming at all. As a matter of fact, it was very pleasant and hypnotic. Almost.. sexually stimulating? But he was confused and scared, as well. Who is this gem and where has she taken him? He needs to be at wonderland, and needs to just get out of here more importantly.

Eventually, he heard a painful creaking noise which interrupted his thoughts. He was frozen in fear, and shivering with around, so he couldn't move. He simply watched helplessly as the gem, who he could now see clearly, approached the pink glittery bed that he had been placed on.. She had pink skin and even lighter pink hair. Her twintails were held by two purple-red bows, and wore a similar bow on her sleeveless, greyish-pink shirt. Her skirt was the same dark purple-red as her bows, and she wore very dark pink pumps, complimented by a pair of grey-pink socks which reached her knees. She had a muscular, but still feminine physique, featuring large hands and impressively large breasts. Her eyebrows were thin and neat, and she had a small, pointed nose along with a small, cute, cat-like mouth. Her name?

"Ayanite", she said. She was stood at the foot of the bed now, her gaze locked onto the bismuth. He was even more frightened now. His mouth quivered as he struggled to force it open so that he could speak. " know??" She spoke with no emotion. "Irrelevant," she said. "Ask me the right questions, you dumb aya hoe." CB gulped. He could tell that this gem really meant bismuth. He didn't know what to say until he suddenly realised the situation he was in. His mouth quickly inflayated. "WHERE AM I? AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!?" Ayanite giggled cutely at CB's panicking. She slowly walked from the foot of the bed and positioned herself right to the side of the bismuth's head, keeping her eyes on him the whole time. She leans in to speak, with a smile on her face.

"You see, us gems are actually made of much more powerful beings. They have the ability to create worlds and destroy them in the blink of an eye with no effort whatsoever." Her warm breath tickled CB's face, relsaxing him. He was still confused, though. He's never heard of such beings. The whole idea sounds ridiculous! "I can see you look puzzled. Let me refresh your aya-memory." She presses her lips against CB's ear, making him shudder and causing his face to saturate in colour. She begins to whisper, with long pauses between each word. "Pepearl... Amethyst Pearl Fusion... Kinoba... Apple Papel." What the hell was this meant to mean? "....Golden Forge." This one resonated in the confederate's mind. It sounded so familiar, but no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't think of anything to associate with this 'Golden Forge', whoever in ayaland that is. "I know he sounds familiar," She released her lips from the bismuth, and brought her voice back to its normal tone. "and that's because he's the one that made you." Really, what was this nonsense? CB wouldn't believe any of it. She had a warm smile on her face, which CB was discombabulayated by, seeing as she's basically kidnapped him. "But here's the thing."

"He's a non-aya."

"Non...aya?" By this point, she had nearly been talking long enough for CB to regain enough strength to attack the crazy ayas f gem. But then he felt completely powerless again. "I've drained your energy. Don't try that aya-shat while I'm explaining things." Her voice became a lot harsher when she said this. He finally gave up, and decided he should just accept his fate, whatever it may be. She continued in the same angered tone. "He's a non-aya because he has repeatedly disrespected the Ayana Goddess. It's atrocious behaviour, it really is. Such behaviour can only be treated with severe, torturous punishment." This didn't sound good. "..What sort of punishment?" Her face and voice both suddenly shifted back into being cute and welcoming. It was rather unsettling to see. "Look at yourself." she giggled.

He looked down, and immediately turned bright whatever colour. His clothes had been somehow removed from his form, revealing his toned, built body and his crotch. "WHAT THE HELL!?" Ayanite continued giggling for a few seconds. "All it takes is a little aya magic!" She holds out her hand and wiggles her finger, which glow bright pink at the tips as she does this. What on earth could she want to do with bismuth? He thought to himself: she's just a cute little girl, and I'm a big daddy guy. There's no way she's going to fu--

Ayanite suddenly pulled her face down into a spiteful frown again. With this, she pointed a finger at CB rather violently and zapped some aya essence at his crotch region. Suddenly, a pair of balls sprung out of his crotch, and an uncut, flaccid penis flopped on top of them, both jiggling slightly and creating a small smacking sound as this happened. "Ooh, I've never been this big befo--" There was a sudden excruciating pain in CB's behind, which felt almost as if a hole was being drilled into him. After all of this, Ayanite's form suddenly morphed into that of Confederate Bismuth's, only with even larger genitals. She smiled devilishly, and spoke with a deeper, masculine voice. "Aya~nya...." <3