Lightning Opal
Pichoid's Lighting Opal




Gem Weapon
  • Boomerang
  • Electricity

FemaleIcon Female


152.4 cm (5 ft)

Gem Type



Lightning ridge black opal

Gem Location

The back of her right hand

Professional Status


Personal Status


  • Green Pearl (sister)
  • One child, who is just like a nine year old compared to humans



None anymore






Lightning Opal has a slim figure and a dark navy blue complexion, with markings of slightly lighter shade and more vibrant than her skin on her face and arms. She purple eyes, black chin-length hair with light blue highlights and each tuft of her hair is styled to a point, a pointed, upturned nose and thin lips.

Lightning Opal wears a blue halter crop top with a black star in the center of it, blue leggings, and navy blue boots with blue toe caps.


A long time ago, Lightning Opal and her sister, Green Pearl, were the last to come out of a very small Kindergarten. They were homeless and had no hope of surviving, just the Kindergarten and the vast land of Australia. One day, a Moonstone took Green Pearl, and Lightning Opal became lonely. Wracked with grief, Lightning Opal filled the Kindergarten with smaller lightning opal "Gemlings". About a thousand years later, she was reunited with her sister.


Lightning Opal is really mean, but that is because all of her friends and so called family have been killed. She is salty about everything, and gets mad easily. She used to be a mother, but someone killed her children. Before her kids were killed, she was very nice, but when they were killed, she just about hates everyone and is thirsty for revenge.


Like most Gems, Lightning Opal has the ability to invoke a weapon, fuse with other Gems, change shape, strength and skill beyond human battle, and retreat to her gem after being wounded to heal.

Unique Abilities

  • Weapon Proficiency: Lightning Opal's boomerang is a surprisingly versatile weapon, being a useful close range weapon and capable of extending over long distances for range attacks.
    • Boomerang Projectile: Lightning Opal can throw her boomerang as a projectile with great speed and power, with enough accuracy to ricochet her boomerang off of several targets, causing it to return to her hand.
  • Lightning Calling: Lightning Opal bristles with electric energy that can blast from her hands or call it down from the sky, and other electrical attacks. It could be used to blind, stun, and/or severely burn her opponents even to the point of death, ranging from minor to fatal voltage. As such, Lightning Opal is immune to electricity, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects.
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