Soon enough,I will leave this planet and return to my home,I wonder how they will survive.

—Nega wondering about the Howlites.

Lapis Lazuli was a terraformer that was supposed to make water sources and began conversations with gems to get weapons from many courts,when she was in the Gem War,when she saw half of the corruption light and turned into a Nega Lazuli.


Nega is tall,with black hair,grey skin and corrupted eyes.She wears a grey Lapis Lazuli outfit with Soldier leggings and black sleeves.


Nega's personality is similiar to Cubic Zirconia's,she is cold hearted and she doesn't care about anything,only the mission and mission status.She doesn't give her trust to anyone,if she does and sees somebody suspisious she will shatter the gem at all costs and she will also destroy the diamonds if she wants to,she also likes to have fun.


Before The Gem War

Before the Gem War,Nega was a blue,happy Lapis Lazuli that was made to create water sources,make conversations with Gems to get weapons with other courts and giving the courts other things.

In The Gem War

When The Gem War was happening,her diamond was sending her to give weapons to the Homeworld Soldiers,when,the gem corruption light was forming and Lapis turned semi-corrupted,she turned black,with glass eyes and heartless personality.When she saw the light she hid in a hole and waited until it stopped.

After The Gem War

After The Gem War,she realised that nobody wanted her,nobody wanted her to exist,they just wanted her to give weapons to them,Nega would destroy the Diamonds,Nega would shatter any gem that could come in her way.


Nega posesses abilities that are uncommon among Lapis Lazulis.


Nega posesses the power to control water.


  • If she fuses with the other Lapis Lazulis,they form Mega Lazuli.


  • Nega's color palette is only 5-6 colors (with the count of the eyes).

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