You know, you USED to laugh at these.

—Labra, (to blue diamond after pink diamonds death)


Labra (Full name Labradorite) is a odd little gem and one of Blue Diamonds most trusted court members. He also just be her jester. He was really, really good at making her laugh, until Pink Diamond was shattered, and she went into, what seemed like to Labra, a never ending Pity Party.

(This may seem kinda insensitive, but the only emotions that Labradorites really understand is joy, so mourning is a totally foreign concept to Labra)

So, in order to get his friend to laugh again, Labra left homeworld and came to earth, with only one goal in mind. He was going to shatter Steven's gem and make it so Blue Diamond could be happy again. Luckily, he's a really, really bad fighter.


Labra is a blue gem about the same height as Pearl. He can only be described as unnaturally skinny. He wears a traditional two-toned white and blue jester uniform and a blue diamond shaped badge.


Even while trying, and utterly failing, to kill Steven, Labra always manages to come up smiling. He's also slightly...lets say eccentric.


Blue Diamond

The Entire reason that Labra is on earth is because he wants her to be happy again, even if it means him shattering a gem and being put to death.


If Labra was capable of understanding what hatred is, he probably would describe his emotion towards Steven as it. It comes off as more like "Mild Annoyance with Steven" since the whole "Labradorites can only be happy" thing.


His weapon is a blue boe staff. It doesn't really do anything all that special.


He's more acrobatic that Pearl even, but still, he can't fight that well. He also is quite good at contornism

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