Kunzite is a high-ranking Homeworld Gem who formerly served under Pink Diamond. He is currently stranded on Earth, attempting to contact Homeworld.


Kunzite is tall when compared to most Gems, with a relatively thin build. He has hot pink skin, a small pointed nose, thin lips, and narrow, orchid-colored eyes. He has short, dark pink hair; with bangs that obscure his right eye, and styled to feature spikes in the back.

His outfit consist of a very formal Homeworld outfit; a white dress shirt underneath a sleeveless tuxedo-like vest, a violet-red tie in the shape of a diamond, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. He wears industrial piercings on each of his ears, which he sometimes uses as sewing needles. His gemstone is located on the back of his neck.


Kunzite is very laid back compared to most of his fellow Homeworld Gems. He very rarely gives off a sense that he truly cares about what's going on around him, causing him to seem distant. He is very intelligent, even by Gem standards; having seen and designed outfits for multiple different species and Gem-types across the galaxy has given him an understanding on many of these different species. Kunzite is very loyal to his Homeworld, and follows all orders given to him to a T. While he may seem like a stern, mindless, brainwashed Gem who has no grasp on most "human" concepts from a distance, he is actually quite witty and sarcastic, frequently trying to "lighten the mood" in stressful situations.


Kunzite was made about 10,000 years ago in an exclusive kindergarten ran by Pink Diamond. He was created to assist with designing Homeworld outfits that were efficient yet represent each Diamond well. Though designing outfits for Gems has always been his top priority, he has designed outfits for other creatures as well, such as humans. He was transported to Earth during the rebellion to assist with new outfit designs for his Diamond. While on Earth however, he was found by a Crystal Gem and poofed, being left abandoned in a cave. He had previously remained in his gemstone for 1,000s of years, so he could return with the most fashionable outfit possible. Once he reformed, he found himself on Earth with no way to contact Homeworld. Currently, he is searching for any possible way to return to Homeworld and report to Pink Diamond. He is unaware that she was shattered.


Kunzite possesses standard Era-1 Gem abilities, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. He doesn't possess many abilities outside of this however, as his main purpose is to design outfits. He doesn't have many physical advantages over most Gems.


  • Scissors: Kunzite's summoning weapon is a pair of small, hot pink scissors that assist him in creating outfits.
  • Sewing Needles: The industrial piercings worn by Kunzite are actually sewing needles, which he is capable of ripping out of his ears with little effort.
    • Thread: Along with this, he is also able to summon a limited amount of thread from his gemstone.


Kunzite in real life

Kunzite in real life.

Gemstone Information

  • Kunzite was first discovered in Connecticut, USA. The first significant commercial deposit was discovered 1902 in the Pala region of San Diego, California, where morganite (pink beryl) was also discovered.
    • The most important deposits of kunzite are from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but most of the current supply is from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Other sources include Madagascar, Myanmar and the USA.
  • Kunzite is closely related to hiddenite, the yellow-green member of the spodumene gemstone family which was also discovered and named after an American mineralogist.
  • Kunzite and the entire spodumene group are important industrial sources of lithium, which is used for the making of medicines, ceramics, mobile phones and automotive batteries.
  • Kunzite is usually pale but it can sometimes be bright and quite intense. Kunzite colors range from light pink to saturated pink; lilac to lavender, and from light violet to pink-violet.
    • Color is known to fade with prolonged exposure to strong light. Kunzite is strongly pleochroic, resulting in different color intensities (usually pink, clear and violet) depending on the angle it is viewed from.


Image Description
Kunzite gemstone
Kunzite' gemstone is located on the back of his neck. It resembles a rounded square, featuring a square-shaped facet.


  • Kunzite is a "revamp" of an old character of mine; Thulite.
  • He designed the outfits for the humans in Pink Diamond's human zoo.
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