Jordan Campbell aka "Obsidian" is a new member of the Crystal Gems who was raised by human parents.


Jordan has midnight blue skin, golden eyes,and short spiky blue hair. Unlike most Gems, Jordan manifests a masculine body and prefers to be called by he/him pronouns.


Jordan is edgy and full of machismo. He'll almost never walk away from a fight or turn down a challenge and for these reasons it's pretty easy to trick him into doing stupid stuff. Jordan has a strong sense of honor and is protective of his sister to the point of sometimes being patronizing.


Jordan and his sister Katherine (an Alabaster) emerged from the Earth and were subsequently discovered and adopted by Dr Michael Campbell and his wife Emily who happened to be camping in the area.

Jordan and his sister then spent the next several years growing up in the oppressively conservative town of Lionheart, Georgia where they were bullied and discriminated against relentlessly.


umbrakinesis: Jordan can create and manipulate dark energy,