"♫ Oh, how far I'll go... To find somebody like me... Oh-woah, how far I'll go... From valley or mountain or sea... ♫"

—Iolite, singing about wanting a friend.

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Chocolate Brown

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Lower Chest

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  • Peridot
  • Lapis Lazuli


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Iolite is a unaligned gem that was created when a humanoid gem cluster experiment's gem shards melded into a singular gem. When she was a simple gem cluster experiment, she avoided other clusters and gems until the gem shards she was made of were eventually persuaded to meld together into one gem by the things the Crystal Gems did (despite Iolite herself never interacting with them). Afterwards, she would visit Peridot and Lapis from time to time whenever the Crystal Gems weren't there. But after the events of "Raising the Barn", she returned to being a lone wolf that generally avoided society. Now she goes around to various places, singing songs and playing her lute when she feels like it.


Iolite has white chocolate brown skin and gray hair that is boxy, but at the same time stretches out to the back similar to that of Lapis or Pearl, her bangs cover her head in a M shape with stroands of hair in the middle of her bangs pointing down. The sides of her hair extend down and curl towards her face, making a flipped L shape. She has chocolate brown eyes with a dark brown mouth and a light brown tongue, her gemstone is located on her chest shaped like a tall trapezoid.

Her outfit consists of a chocolate brown, short sleeved jacket with diamond shaped shoulder pads and a light chocolate brown vest with a white undershirt, she has long, chocolate brown gloves that reach almost up to her elbows. Her pants are puffy and angular, she has long, light chocolate brown boots that go over her pants and reach almost up to her knees.

When she was a cluster, her body was Frankenstein's Monster like, with her left arm being pink, her right and body being green, with her legs being orange. Her head was split diagonally across her eyes, with the left half being purple and the right being yellow. Her eyes were mismatched, with her left eye being similar to Steven's while her right was like her eyes now.

In any variation of her, her body consisted of a blocky chest, thin waist, wide hips, and thicker upper arms than lower arms.


When Iolite emerged as a cluster, she was timid and passive, unlike other clusters. Due to her humanoid body and her gem being made into a coherent shape, the residing spirits inside each gem shard didn't feel the need to complete themselves as they already felt, in a way, complete. This did cause Iolite to become confused about her purpose and left her internally conflicted.

When she left the kindergarten, she became more interested with the world around her, and became more concerned with seeing what this world she was in had to offer rather than finding her purpose for a time.

Often, the shards she was made of talked to each other about things, this led to Iolite slowly becoming more like a stable fusion rather than a forced one.

Soon, she became invested in the world again, but was more internally in harmony. She became more calm and curious, but still feared and avoided people she thought as dangerous.

Eventually, the shards began to search for ways to truly become one, leading to the gem shards eventually melding together, slowly changing the Cluster Iolite into a real gem. From then on, she called herself Iolite, but was still confused about her purpose.

Now that she was truly one, this version of Iolite was passive, calm, but curious and experimental. She began to see what her purpose was as a Iolite gemstone, One of the first things she noticed was that she could see incredibly far. Not only that, but she'd sing to herself about her feelings a lot.

Eventually, she came upon Peridot and Lapis's barn, she was taken in by Peridot and Lapis, where they talked and eventually became friends. This helped Iolite become more comfortable with people and gems.

Still looking for her purpose, she asked Lapis if she could help her summon a weapon. To which Lapis tried to help, but only got close twice. Eventually, Iolite managed to summon her weapon on her own when the barn was under attack by a corrupted gem. Despite Iolite not knowing how to use her weaponized lute properly, she still helped beat the corrupted gem by slamming the lute over the gem's head.

Iolite, with help from Peridot and Lapis, eventually became more comfortable without having a precise pre-programmed purpose, coming to accept that her purpose was possibly to be a friend.

She became more confident in herself and began to work on her fighting abilities with Peridot and Lapis, eventually learning how to use her weapon properly and using it to beat another corrupted gem that attacked the barn.

When Lapis stole the barn and Peridot moved in with the Crystal Gems, Iolite partially returned to avoiding society, but is confident in her self defense skills. She is still passive and calm, but is now more content with the world. She still misses Peridot and Lapis, however.


Iolite possesses standard gem abilities. She has been able to lift Peridot's tractor with little effort and can withstand getting hit by that very same tractor.

Now that she's no longer a cluster, Iolite is also known as being very good at picking up and learning a instrument, getting the hang of playing a saxophone and tuba in a matter of days, she is also good at coming up with songs off the top of her head to sing or (more often than singing) play on her lute, though most of the songs she comes up with may be based upon what she's feeling at the time, or to add to a moment or time frame. This is shown when she starts to play a fast paced, stressful tune on her lute when she was distressed by being attacked by a corrupted gem. She has been known to control this, however. Being able to sing a calming song despite being worried.


  • Ranged Combat: Iolite can use her lute as a rifle like weapon, she was able to shoot a penny that Peridot threw across the farm with her lute with mild trouble. This skill helped her defeat a corrupted gem by firing at a near impossible to hit weak spot.

This skill was also shown when Iolite got a extremely high score on The Chicken Game, getting to level 56 before the arcade had to close down for the night.

Unique Abilities

  • Voice Mimicking: Iolite has been shown to mimic voices perfectly, being able to mimic Lapis and Peridots voice, and has even been able to mimic the voices of the other Crystal Gems despite the fact that she constantly avoided Garnet, Amythist, Pearl, and Steven and only heard their voices once or twice.

It is shown that she can even sing while mimicking voices, singing a song and mimicking the Crystal Gems voices in it.

  • Enhanced Vision: Iolite's ranged skill may be aided by her enhanced vision, she was able to see the crystal gems coming from miles away and abscond before they could arrive, or, as previously mentioned, lock onto the penny and shoot it.
  • Sleeping Song: While not being a ability she uses a lot, it has been known that, depending on what she sings, it can cause gems (and presumably humans) to become drowsy and even fall asleep. Being able to sing a lullably that sends Peridot and Lapis Lazuli to sleep.


Crystal Gems

"I don't know what it is, but I... It's just... I don't want them to see me, okay?"


When Iolite was a cluster, she feared the Crystal Gems for their "poofing" and bubbling of other clusters, and she made it a effort to stay away from the Crystal Gems for fear of them "poofing" her too.

Despite now being her own gem, this fear of them still lingers without her knowing why. She leaves Peridot and Lapis at the barn when the Crystal Gems are near and still makes a effort to avoid them.


"No, wait! Come back!"

—Connie, attempting to calm down a fearful Iolite (Cluster).

Iolite only met Connie for a short amount of time when Iolite was a cluster, when she found Connie after the events of Nightmare Hospital, she was fearful of Connie when she instinctively pulled her weapon on Iolite, causing her to run from Connie.

Iolite still sometimes watches Connie from afar, but can't bring herself to interact with her.


"Peridot, you and Lapis make a great band."


Iolite liked Peridot for her consideration and thoughtfulness. She enjoyed making music with Peridot and Lapis and liked to watch them make modern art. Often, she would help Lapis and Peridot make up in arguments when the Crystal Gems weren't around.

It seems that Iolite and Peridot are in an agreement where Peridot can't say anything to the Crystal Gems about Iolite because of Iolite's natural fear of the Crystal Gems.

Around the events of "Raising the Barn", Iolite came back to see that the barn was missing, along with Peridot and Lapis. Afraid to look for them, Iolite simply returned to avoiding society and the Crystal Gems, eventually letting go of Peridot and Lapis's disappearance and returning to a life of travelling and living alone. However, she sometimes sings songs about them from time to time.

Lapis Lazuli

"Thanks for helping me summon my weapon, Lapis... and Peridot."


Iolite always appreciated Lapis for being both helpful and always enjoyed Lapis's relaxed nature, much like Peridot, she enjoyed making music with Lapis and Peridot and always enjoyed their modern art. Often, she would help break up arguments between her and Peridot.

Much like Peridot, Lapis agreed with Iolite to not mention her to the Crystal Gems.


Brown Iolite
  • Iolite can be blue, brownish, yellowish, and gray, and is composed of magnesium aluminum silicate.
  • Iolite is said to clear the third eye chakra and a stone of vision that can enhance creative expression.
  • Iolite is believed to help recover loss memories and remedy insomnia and vision disorders.
  • Iolite was used by Leif Eriksson and his vikings as the world's first polarizing filter, by using it as a lens, they could determine the position of the sun on cloudy days and use it to safely navigate the new worlds.
  • Iolite is known as a affordable alternative to sapphires or tanzanites.
  • Iolites, despite being fairly hard and durable, have good cleavage that add to it's fragility. It is slightly harder than a quartz, but softer compared to things like diamonds, rubies, or sapphires.


Image Description
Iolite's gemstone is located on her lower chest.

It has facets around the edge, and is cut like a tapered baguette. Her gemstone lacks a ring.