Howlite is a defective gem that is currently with the other Howlite in Grandroix,she once did destroy a Communication Hub in there.


Eyeball wears a casual defective Howlite outfit with a black belt and grey shoes,she was light grey and grey hair.


Eyeball is a shy and caring gem,since she was created in Grandroix,she has a defective Eyeball Gem personality.


Howlite (Corrupted)

Eyeball is a part of her friends and she enjoys being with her even thought Corrupted doesn't like,they are both best-gem-type-buddies.


Eyeball doesn't really like the general Howlite,but they are still friends.


Howlite has common abilities among gems.

  • Photokinesis:Howlite can show off her gem a white light that lights everything straight.

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