I don't get it..why do you cry over your OWN friends' poof?

—Howlite to Steven,if that was possible.

Howlite is a gem that was in Blue Diamond's Court,she shattered a gem and she is currently hiding on Earth because of that.


Howlite has grey hair,pale grey eyes and stone-white skin,she wears a casual grey female outfit for Howlites with a White Diamond symbol on it.


Howlite posesses rare gem abilities among some gems.

  • Archery:Howlite can easy shot target with her bow and arrow because of the archery practicing and skill.
  • Telekinesis:Howlite can move objects with her mind without any interactions with it.


Howlite (Eyeball)

She thinks that Eyeball is a defective gem,so she it too,she respects her the way she is.


  • This is the special 100th page of the wiki.


More Info here

  • Howlite is quite porous and because of this quality, it can be dyed to imitate similar coloured stones such as turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli. However, howlite itself is generally not mimicked. Howlite could be confused with incredibly rare white turquoise. Native American Indians have named white turquoise, "the sacred buffalo stone" or "the white buffalo stone", due to it being as rare as a white buffalo. For this reason white turquoise is far more valuable than howlite, so it would not likely be sold as howlite. Howlite has a similar appearance and hardness to white marble, but white marble has a low porosity compared to the porous howlite.


Image Description
Howlite Gem
Howlite's Gem is located on her upper back,it resembles a White Diamond symbol with silver shading and white inside.

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