This page list the multiple different key events that happened during our roleplays. The history will be divided into 2 different sections; Homeworld and Crystal Gems.


  • 10,000s of years ago, the Diamonds were "born" and began colonizing planets to further expand upon their species. They created a caste system to help make use of each Gems unique ability.
  • A little over 6,000 years ago, a Rose Quartz defected from Homeworld and led her own army of Gems known as "The Crystal Gems" that would go on to start a rebellion. This was done in an attempt to preserve the planet "Earth" that the Diamonds were using to create more Gem life, which was damaging Earth's ecosystem. This rebellion ultimately led to the leader of the rebellion - Rose Quartz - shattering Pink Diamond, causing Homeworld to retreat and send off a huge ray of light known as the "Corrupting Light". This light corrupted all but a few Gems that remained on Earth.
    • About a year or 2 after this rebellion took place, it became more apparent that Homeworld was beginning to run low on resources. This caused Homeworld to enter a new era of Gem production; Era 2. Era 2 Gems are a lot less reliable then their Era 2 counterparts, but take a lot less time to create and take up far less resources.
  • 5,000 years ago, a planet known as Zolora was discovered by Homeworld. This planet's main species was Pearls, which was very shocking to the Diamonds. Instead of enslaving these Pearls and taking control of their planet however, the Diamonds simply accepted the planets request to ally.

Crystal Gems

  • A little over 6,000 years ago, The Crystal Gems were formed by a rogue Rose Quartz in an attempt to preserve life on Earth. The Crystal Gems led a rebellion on Earth that ultimately led to the shattering of Pink Diamond. Homeworld fled Earth and a punishment for the rebellion left behind a geo weapon that would destroy Earth in due time, as well as sending of a huge ray of light that corrupted all Gems that it made contact with. Rose Quartz managed to save herself and a few other members of her team.
    • After this occurred, the Gems began searching Earth for any remaining Gems, to no avail. They did however find many animalistic or corrupted Gems. Hoping to one day save these Gems, the Crystal Gems began their long mission of poofing and bubbling each individual corrupted Gem and keeping them in their base, something they're still doing even to this day.
  • About 20 years ago, Rose Quartz gave up her physical form to create a hybrid human/Gem named Steven. The remaining Crystal Gems watched over Steven and helped him to master his multiple different powers.
  • About 5 years ago, Homeworld sent a group of Gems to find any remaining Crystal Gems and destroy them, as to ensure that Earth would be destroyed by their geo weapon. They succeeded in imprisoning all remaining Crystal Gems and returned to Homeworld. However, a new group of Crystal Gems began forming, made up Gems who more recently defected from Homeworld or were healed from their corruption. This new group of Crystal Gems is known as the Crystal Gem Reboot.

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