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Green Sapphire is a unaligned green sapphire who guides the Jewel Trio in BluelynnyAzure's AU, the Jewel Saga.

Physical Appearance

Green Sapphire has lime green skin, a short pale green bob with long bangs that cover her eye, two grey green gloves with yellow diamond shapes and a upside down lighter green "V" on the upper part of the gloves, and a medium green gown with a yellow diamond on her chest. She wears two pale green Mary janes with the strap on the ankles.


She is a kind, caring and calm towards others that respect her and the rest the the trio. However, she strongly dislikes Home World to the point of excluding them from their group, even if said gem was escaping. She dislikes consuming food and sleeping, thinking it as completely unnecessary human things.


Green Sapphire was a sapphire that previously was of Yellow Diamond's Court. However, she developed a dislike of Home World's caste system, which eventually lead to her escaping. On a faraway ship, she met the others and formed the Jewel Trio.


Dark Purple Pearl

Green Sapphire treats Dark Purple Pearl as a leader. She often respects her, even if she doesn't want to do it. In difficult times, she allows Dark Purple Pearl to take care of the problem.

Pinkish Ruby

Pinkish Ruby is Green Sapphire's best friend, even to the point where she shares her award with her, if given. However, she's also her teacher. She tries to teach Pinkish Ruby certain important things when she doesn't listen. Regardless, she's still proud that she gets to meet her.


Green Sapphire presumably has the standard abilities of a gem. Like most sapphires, she has future vision.


When fused with Dark Purple Pearl and Pinkish Ruby, they form a Sardonyx.

Gemstone info

  • Green Sapphires are supposed to bring the wisdom of fidelity and integrity of one's life, honoring loyalty and trust, somewhat fitting with her personalty.[1]


Image Description
[[File:|image = Green Sapphire Gemstone .png|100px|thumb|center]] Green Sapphrie's Gemstone is on her shoulder. The gemstone appears to have a triangular facet.