Grandroix was the planet that Howlite lived in,but now Howlite is in Earth.

Vital statistics
Type Planet
Level Active Planet
Location Galaxy
Inhabitants 3.000.000



  • The Gems that form there do not have the original abilities and they are defective.
  • The Gems that live there do not have the curtain shape of the normal gem.


  • The Quartz Gem Types and Bismuths' body damage dicreases in 20%.
  • Defective Gems are stronger by 10%.


Grandroix is a perfect planet for defective gems,the planet is crimson with dust surrounding it,it has dark red lines around it and very small grey dots,the grey dots are broken communication hubs,the planet is the half size of Venus.

Gem Types



  • Musgravites
  • Pearls
  • Peridots
  • Beryls
  • Agates

Very Rare

  • Cat's Eyes
  • Crystals

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