GemMon is a parody of PokeMon, where you fight gems and then bubble them to be used to fight later. I’m planning to make a Roleplay Of this.


Your 3 Starter choices are:

Sapphire (Water)

Ruby (Fire)

Steven (Grass)

All GemMon:

Sapphire (1) (Water)

Padparadscha (2) (Water/Pshycic)

Pink Sapphire (3) (Water/Pshycic)

Ruby (4) (Fire)

Triple Ruby (5) (Fire)

Mega Ruby (6) (Fire)

Steven (7) (Grass)

Stevonnie (8) (Grass/Ground)

Rose Quartz (9) (Grass/Ground)

Blue Pearl (10) (Water)

Yellow Pearl (11) (Electric)

Pearl (12) (Pshycic/Electric)

Cotton Candy Garnet (13) (Fire/Water)

Garnet (14) (Fire/Water)

Sardonyx (15) (Fire/Electric)

Amethyst (15) (Poison)

Smoky Quartz (16) (Poison/Grass)

Opal (17) (Poison/Electric)

Sugilite (18) (Poison/Fire)

Lapis (19) (Water)

Lapis (Water Wings) (20) (Water)

Peridot (21) (Electric)

Peridot (Limb Enhancers) (22) (Electric)

Skinny Jasper (23) (Fire)

Jasper (24) (Fire/Fighting)

Corrupted Jasper (25) (Fire/Fighting)

Corrupted Jasper Fusion (26) (Fire/Fighting)