Ametrine (Amethyst and Topaz)

(On the Homeworld Ship)


Topaz:......Amethyst.....the’s going down!

Amethyst:I know!

Topaz:We need to alert the Nephrites!

Amethyst:No! (Grabs Topaz’s hand)

Topaz:(Bends down, and dives)

Amethyst:(Pulls Topaz close to her)

(The two fuse)

Ametrine:Looks Like There is some real problemo here.

(Ametrine takes out the mace and wraps her whip around it)

Ametrine:Earth, get ready! (Stabs a hole through the ship)

Ametrine:We need to get the others!

(Ametrine finds Garnet, Pearl and Steven)

Pearl:Who are you?!


Ametrine:No time two explain! (Grabs the 3)

Ametrine:We need to jump!

(The 4 jump out safely)

(Ametrine unfuses)

Amethyst:Topaz....that was good work.

Topaz:Thanks. I...have to get back to Homeworld....

Celestite (Blue Zircon And Blue Pearl)

Yellow Diamond:Rose! This is trial! And you are not to correct us!

Blue Zircon:But-But.....

Blue Pearl:(Falls against Blue Zircon)

Celestite:.....WE FUSED?!

Yellow Diamond:BLUUUUUUUUUE!

Blue Diamond:Yellow! Stop-

Yellow Diamond:Tell me why your Zircon and Pearl are so stupid!

Steven:(Takes Lars and steals Blues palanquin, going away)

Garnet (Sapphire and Eyeball)



Eyeball:You don’t need Ruby. You got Eyeball here!


Eyeball:(moonwalks while Sapphire pirouettes)

(Sapphire pirrouettes into Eyeball)

Garnet:I.....cant believe....



Eyeball:You barely knew anything!

Sapphire:Well you can fuse with Padparadscha! I’m fusing with my own Ruby.(leaves)

Iolite (Amethyst And Lapis)




Ruby:(Throws the ball)

(Sapphire catches it and throws it to Lapis)

Lapis:(holds Amethysts hand and fuses)

Iolite:(catches the ball)

Steven:Giant Woman!

Iolite:Stevster, my name is Iolite! (Takes out her whip and makes it Water)

(Iolite Throws the ball, bats it with her water whip, and unfuses)