Fused Morganite


Fused Morganite is a pink fusion gem. Her color scheme consists of light and mid-tone pinks and white. Her gems are a mid-tone pink, which is quite dark for a Morganite. Her gems are located on her nose (Goshenite's) and her lower back (Bixbite's). Bixpite's gem is always covered by her hair, arms, or something like the back of a chair or a wall. in order to keep up the ruse that she is only one gem, and not a fusion.

Her projected light body typically wears a pink dress with shoulder-revealing sleeves, and white accents over her chest and hips. Her hair is long, and has two curly strands falling over her shoulders. She has two sets of eyes, which she hides by keeping her top set closed so as to look like eyebrows when in the presence of other Gems.


Fused Morganite is quiet, and patient, but is incredibly introverted, and refuses to speak to more than two other Gems at once unless absolutely necessary. She enjoys her solitary life on her asteroid due to the calm and quiet there. She is, however, oblivious to the happenings of the universe around her, as she has become entirely isolated. She does not even know that her Diamond, Pink Diamon, has been shattered. If anyone were to try to tell her this, she would simply laugh and continue her work.


Fused Morganite's weapons are two ring blade mounted on long threads of extremely strong wire. She has become extremely rusty at using these though, as she has nothing to battle on her asteroid.

The components of her weapon, and thus the additional weapons available to her, are Goshenite's ring blades, which have handles and otherwise act like a brass knuckles/dagger hybrid, and Bixbite's tensile string, which is used much like a whip.


Fused Morganite is tasked with overseeing an experimental asteroid-based Kindergarten. She has yet to bring any Gems to fruition, but remains determined that asteroids, being as plentiful as they are in space, might be the key to Gem expansion, without having to find suitable planets to both populate and riddle with Gem holes.

Her lack of success may be attributed to the asteroid that she was given as a base for her operations. She has long theorized that she was purposefully assigned to useless piece of rock. However, she believes that if she proves that even the most useless of rocks can become productive Kindergartens, she may easier be able to prove her point, and see her dreams become a reality.



Fused Morganite came from a Kindergarten that was focused on creating high quality Beryl Gems. The majority of the gems that emerged from the Kindergarten were natural Morganites or Emeralds. She is an impure Morganite though, since she is the product of a fusion between Goshenite and Bixbite.

The Gem seeds for Goshenite and Bixbite were accidentally planted too closely, and ended up emerging together in a haphazardly partially fuzed. Thankfully, in the scuffle of the other Beryls emerging, the two Off-Color Gems were able to pry themselves out of each other in order to stand alone. Upon seeing only Morganites running around them though, they thought that they were not meant to be apart, and fuzed together once again, this time in a more stable manner.

At this time, the Gem that was in charge of the Kindergarten came around to inspect the freshly emerged Gems. After this point, Fused Morganite would never unfuse again except under dire circumstances.



Goshenite is a clear gem with a white and grey color scheme on her projected body. Her gem, which is in a pear-cut shape, resides on her face, where her mouth and nose would be were the gem not there. As such, she is completely mute when not in a fusion.


Bixbite is a red gem with red, pink, and occasional accents of electric blue as her color scheme. Her gem, which is in an oval-cut shape with a rectangular facet, is located on her lower back.


  • Fused Morganite does not have any strong abilities beyond that of the average gem. However, she has become adept in shape-shifting, and has a keen knowledge of soil and stone types.
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