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Gem Fusion

Gem Weapon
  • SBO's Pickaxe
  • SSP's Trident
  • DVA's Boomerang

FeminineIcon Feminine


17-19 ft

Gem Location
  • Forehead
  • Neck
  •  ???
Professional Status
  • Weather Woman
  • Weather
Personal Status







Fluorite is the fusion of Sky Blue Opal (Sea Salt Pearl/Dark Violet Amethyst) and Chrysoprase.




Fluorite has a HUGE god complex, which may stem from SBO's attitude and Chrysoprases enabling behavior. She thinks her facts are 100% true and no one can tell her anything different.

In battle she is extremely sadistic and will do anything to cause suffering to the enemy, by any means necessary. She is playful as well during fights but that by no means should mean you should underestimate her and her abilities


Fluorite possesses abilities common among cross-gem fusions.


Unique Abilities

As Fluorite is a fusion of Sky Blue Opal and Chrysoprase, she shares most of their abilities, this includes Atmokinesis and Air Manipulation, this also extends to Sea Salt Pearl and Dark Violet Amethyst, with their Sand/Acid and Sound Manipulation.

Exclusive Powers

  • Climate Manipulation: Combining her components powers, she are able to manipulate the Clime of an area at extreme lengths.
  • Minor Gravity Manipulation: She is able to manipulate her own gravity.
  • Voice Manipulation: She is freely capable of manipulating her own voice, allowing her to control her voices to imitate sounds of creatures such as animal noises and explosions or increase or decrease the tone of her voice.
  • Salt/Acid Transmutation: She is able to trans-mutate Salt in Acid and Acid into Salt, this requires physical contact and a large amount of concentration.

Powers from Fusee's

  • Halokinesis: She can shape and manipulate salt. (SSP)
  • Acidokinesis: She can control and manipulate acids. (SSP)
  • Aerokinesis: She can control and manipulate air. (Chrysoprase)
  • Audiokinesis: She can create, shape and manipulate sound. (DVA)



Gemstone Information* Fluorite derives from the Latin noun fluo, meaning a stream or flow of water. In verb form this was fluor or fluere, meaning to flow. The mineral is used as a flux in iron smelting to decrease the viscosity of slags. The melting point of calcium fluoride is 1676 K. The term flux comes from the Latin noun fluxus, a wash or current of water. The mineral fluorite was originally termed fluorospar and was first discussed in print in a 1530 work Bermannus, sive de re metallica dialogus [Bermannus; or a dialogue about the nature of metals], by Georgius Agricola, as a mineral noted for its usefulness as a flux.[5][6] Agricola, a German scientist with expertise in philology, mining, and metallurgy, named fluorspar as a neo-Latinization of the German Flussspat from Fluß (stream, river) and "Spat" (meaning a nonmetallic mineral akin to gypsum, spærstān, spear stone, referring to its crystalline projections).[7][8]
  • In 1852, fluorite gave its name to the phenomenon of fluorescence, which is prominent in fluorites from certain locations, due to certain impurities in the crystal. Fluorite also gave the name to its constitutive element fluorine.[2] Presently, the word "fluorspar" is most commonly used for fluorite as the industrial and chemical commodity, while "fluorite" is used mineralogically and in most other senses.


  • Despite all things pointing towards this fusion being unstable, it's actually quite stable
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