"That's just the way Earth is."

Exotica Jasper, or just Exotica, is one of the very first Crystal Gems.
Exotica Jasper
  • Exotica
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  • Pink Diamond (previously)
  • None
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Exotica is buffy like the other Quartz soldiers. She has white, long, fluffy yet messy hair. Her skin is light grey and she has pink stripes around her skin, along with dark pink eyes. Her outfit is like that of Homeworld's uniform, but without the star on the chest, and there is a star-shaped hole on her navel, showing off her gemstone.


Exotica is a sweet person for those who she knows, but she can be really aggressive to those who she doesn't knows. However, she is also somewhat clumsy and even a bit possesive, sometimes without intending to. While she isn't exactly a aggressive person, she knows when things have to be done- even bad things. This leads her to not being able to feel much regret at all, but if you ignore this part of her, she's a nice person.


Exotica Jaspers are made to be quartzes who, at the same time they are healers, they are also attackers. She was made when Pink Diamond was starting to colonize Earth, and she accompanied Pink's ships when they were going to create Kindergartens. Her job was to fight off any humans or creatures that were going to get into their way. However, she wandered off from her crew and ended up in a human village. She was greeted nicely by the humans, but a few hours, after distracting herself, she noticed something. A ship was flying off in the distance, and soon enough, it was out of the atmosphere. They forgot about her. Though it was too late, Exotica runned back to the Kindergarten that was being made, and the sight wasn't exactly pretty. A Pearl and a Quartz were destroying the small amount of drills left by the ship. Exotica should fight her off, but she realized something. That was Rose Quartz. Her former teammate, and also leader of the rebellion. After a few years, Exotica has agreeded into becoming a rebel, and you know what happened.

War. Exotica participated in the war. She could heal her teammates, and soullessly destroy her enemies. Near the end of the war, she was sent to Kindergartens to stop Gems from being made. The last Kindergarten she visited was the Beta Kindergarten. She was able to stop all the drills, but before going back to the rebel base, she noticed the amount of ships flying off in the distance. Something bad was about to happen. She dug up a small hole on a wall, hid on it, and then covered it with the dirt that she dug out. It was getting boring there though. She dug a small cave for herself, but a few hours after, she heard a faint song. A depressing one. After the song vanished, she dug out a exit. No ships were on the sky at all. Over the course of a few hundred years, she lived in the Beta Kindergarten, sometimes visiting human cities that can be accessed with warp pads like Empire City.

That changed, however. After Jasper was corrupted, Exotica was found and reunited with the current Crystal Gems. Now she lives on the barn, but the small cave she did on the Beta Kindergaten was literally removed whole from the wall and then placed right next to the actual barn. Not the most exotic thing, but still more home-like for her.


Like other Gems, Exotica can summon a weapon, has out-of-human strenght and fighting skills, has to retreat to her gemstone when damaged badly, can fuse, can shapeshift and can summon light out of her gemstone. Her weapon is a light pink scythe.

Unique Abilities

  • Healing Voice - If Exotica starts singing or humming, those around her will slowly heal their wounds.

A real exotica jasper.


Gemstone Information

  • Exotica jasper is also known as "fancy" or "sci-fi" jasper.
  • Exotica jaspers are said to be used for healings of emotional traumas, explaining Exotica's healing voice.
  • Exotica jaspers are white with pink stripes and also a few black stripes, explaining Exotica's stripes and hair color.
  • Jaspers in general are supposed to be a zodiac stone of Virgo.
  • Jaspers are 6.5-7 in the mohs scale.


Image Description
[[File:|100px|thumb|center]] Exotica Jasper's gemstone is shaped like Jasper's gemstone, but a bit more roundy. It is white and has small pink stripes in it.


pls draw her


  • Exotica will get a more classy outfit the next time she regenerates. Her current outfit is so unoriginal because she was literally in the middle of a war and could't think of a nice style.

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