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Kari Wahlgren

Emo Ayanite is a Homeworld Gem, and a follower of White Diamond. Formerly however, she was a follower of Ayanite Diamond.


Emo Ayanite is short with a bit of a stocky build. She has thistle colored skin, which heavily contrast to most Ayanites who usually have bright pink colored skin. She has short, dull-blond colored hair that covers up her right eye, with a bow on the side of her hair. She has bright green eyes, a short pointed nose, and thin lips. Her outfit consist of a dull-pink colored hoodie, a grey skirt with dark-pink colored leggings, and dull-pink boots.


Emo Ayanite rarely shows her true emotions to any gems other then Ayanites. She is somewhat apathetic, and isn't social in the least. She is a bit snarky, she's been known to make offhanded remarks. Around other Ayanites, she is caring and kind; even somewhat protective.


Emo Ayanite was one of the first Ayanites made. She was never a follower of a diamond within the authority. Instead, she was a follower of Ayanite Diamond. Ayanite Diamond assigned Emo Ayanite into a group with 5 other Ayanites, who she would go on missions with. After Ayanite Diamond's death, Emo Ayanite was left heartbroken. She turned to drugs to try and fill to void left by her diamond's death, but it didn't seem to help her any. Now-a-days, she doesn't have a job and she spends most of her time hanging out with other Ayanites. She's stopped doing drugs, and has turned to cigarettes instead.


Emo Ayanite possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Unique Abilities

  • Weapon Summoning: Emo Ayanite has the ability to summon a hot-pink pocket knife, which she is incredibly skilled at using.
  • Inflation: An ability she shares with other Ayanite's, Emo Ayanite has the ability to inflate her own body.

Additional Weapons

  • Cigarettes: She has the ability to shoot fireballs using her cigarettes.




Ayanite and Emo Ayanite have a relationship similar to that of two sisters. She cares deeply for Ayanite, and is usually seen hanging out with her.

Ayanite Diamond

Ayanite Diamond was previously Emo Ayanite's diamond. Emo Ayanite respected her, and followed every single order of hers. Ayanite Diamond's death devastated Emo Ayanite, and left her lost. Although she's mostly gotten past her death, she still thinks about her a lot.


Image Description
Emo Ayanite gemstone
Emo Ayanite's gemstone is a pink, heart-shaped Ayanite. It is located on her back.
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