General Information

Emeralds are Homeworld gems that are under the rule of Yellow Diamond. They are basically showgirls, used to entertain high-class gems. The higher-class a gem is, the nicer your Emerald is, and the more you have. Normal Emeralds are about 4 feet tall, and they have a pretty high status. Emeralds wear a tutu-like dress, which are light green. A sash of yellow diamonds is sewn onto the front of their dresses, as well a plain yellow belt. They wears light green ankle-length boots with a single yellow stripe on the front. They have green eyes and long, wavy green hair, like any normal Emerald. The Emerald in the picture has a green, square emerald on her neck. An Emerald has to be green, or it's considered deformed in Homeworld. The gem in the picture is a normal Green Emerald. Emeralds were created after Pink Diamond was shattered, to keep the Diamonds from thinking about Pink Diamond. It didn't really work, but they kept the Diamonds amused, so they weren't all shattered.

Emerald's History

This Green Emerald is a first generation, so she's been around for a long time. She used to directly serve Yellow Diamond, which made her very important. She was treated like royalty, and danced for Yellow Diamond and occasionally Blue and White Diamond. She was in Yellow Diamond's court, but was valued by all of the Diamonds as a beautiful dancer. However, this Emerald got bored; she loved the attention, but wanted to help protect Homeworld. She trained for months in secret, learning to summon a weapon. She learned to summon a small green gun that shot balls of electricity at gems, which destroyed their physical form. She tested her weapon out on her poor Pearl, who wasn't allowed to say anything. Finally ready, she asked Yellow Diamond if she could fight in her army, and, what a surprise, she said no. She said all Emerald was good for was for dancing, and if she wanted to stay alive, she would dance. This broke Emerald's heart, so she went back to dancing. She smiled on the outside, but on the inside, she was screaming. She could be whatever she wanted to be! she thought. The angrier she got, the worse she danced. One day, furious, Yellow Diamond ordered she be shattered. Terrified, she ran, ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She stole an escape pod and flew all the way to Earth, tired and alone. She crash-landed right into the base of the Crystal Gems! The Gems tried to kill her at first, but thought better of it. Rose Quartz taught her she could be anything, so she devoted herself to the Crystal Gems in gratitude. She was an amazing fighter, and even impressed Garnet with her skills. She used to have a crush on Pearl, but she quickly learned Pearl only had eyes for Rose Quartz. Amethyst had a huge crush on Emerald, but Emerald only thought of her as a little sister. Emerald soon fell for a new recruit, Moonstone, and to her surprise, Moonstone fell for her, too. They fused into a gem called Beryl, which is how they usually stayed from then on. One day, the Crystal Gems invaded Homeward; Emerald and Moonstone unfused for the invasion. They killed a bunch of Rubies and Amethysts, but a huge army of elite soldiers came after them soon after. Most of the Crystal Gems escaped, but Moonstone got crushed under a pile of bricks. While trying to save Moonstone's gem, the Crystal Gem warship left Homeworld. Alone and afraid with Moonstone's gem, Emerald hid in a cavern. She was later saved by the "Off Color" Gems. After Moonstone regenerated, Emerald and her fused into Beryl. Beryl later helps Lars, the Off Color Gems, and herself escape Homeworld on an Escape Pod. Emerald and Moonstone join the Crystal Gems again, which is a great experience for everyone. Emerald and Moonstone get used to Steven really quickly, and Emerald becomes very defensive of Steven.


Normally, Emeralds have a quiet and submissive personality when around those with a higher rank then themselves. However, when around those of a lower class then them, they act snobby and rude. Emerald from the Crystal Gems though, always acted sweet and friendly. However, when she got rejected by Yellow Diamond, her nice personality became more and more forced. When she joined the Crystal Gems, most of her nice personality came back, but she still acted a little gruff and defensive when she got angry. When she and Moonstone become Beryl, whatever is left of her old, harsh personality is overpowered by Moonstone's sweet and quiet personality. When Moonstone becomes angry, Beryl becomes a monster, seething with hate, since there's no one to stop Emerald from lashing out. The only time Emerald overpowered Moonstone while Moonstone was calm was when she was fighting the Homeworld gems to get off Homeworld with Lars and the Off Color gems.


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