I have to keep all these creatures here! Your the least dangerous thing I've ever seen.

Dragon Vein Agate is a Homeworld Gem who is owned by Blue Diamond. She keeps her own Zoo of aliens that she finds universe-wide.
Dragon Vein Agate
  • Draggy
  • Dragon Vein
Gem Weapon

Spiky flail


GenderlessIcon Genderless


FemaleIcon Female

Gem Location


Professional Status

Blue Diamond

Personal Status


Lead Designer(s)


Additional Designer(s)



Dragon Vein Agate has the same build of Holly Blue Agate. Her clothing consists of light indigo boots and a light blue pants and light blue shirt. There is a large blue diamond on the chest of the shirt, along with her gemstone. She has purple sleeves starting from her shoulders. Her hair is white and is in bullet-style similiar to Holly Blue Agate's, but there is only one single large "horn" on the back of her head. That horn starts of dark purple, then pink, then light pink. Her eyes are dark pink and her skin is pink with pink-purple veins going around it.


Dragon Vein Agate is somewhat strict, but way less strict-er than Holly Blue Agate. She can still get aggressive if she wants an will start to overract when a high-ranking Gem steps into her Zoo.


Dragon Vein Agate was made for Blue Diamond. But she was always fascinated with beings who aren't Gems- and, while accompanying Blue Diamond's ships for building temples in outer planets, she always met some of those aliens. This leaded her into making a entire Zoo where she now keeps all these aliens.


Dragon Vein Agate has the standard Gem abilities. Her weapon is a spiky flail.


Il 570xN.716015459 bkaq

A real purple dragon vein agate.

Gemstone Information

  • Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.
  • Agate is a cryptocrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterized by its fineness of grain and brightness of color.
  • Dragon vein agate itself is supposed to heighten creative visualization, strenght the ability to achieve a goal on a earth plane and increases stamina and honesty.


Image Description
[[File:|100px|thumb|center]] Dragon Vein Agate's gemstone is triangular and big. It is light pink and has dark pink "veins" on it, some of which are dark blue. It is located in her chest.


  • Dragon Vein Agate also has a misspeling in her name. Some spell "dragon vein agate" as "dragon's vein agate" or "dragon veins agate".

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