You see, when Pink Diamond was beggining to colonize Earth, she also sent ships to colonize outer galaxies. We ended up finding so many different species! So much that she had to make- yet another- zoo just for them.

—-Dragon Vein Agate
Dragon Vein's Zoo, also known as Pink Diamond's Alien Zoo, is a zoo owned by Dragon Vein Agate and previously by Pink Diamond. Dragon Vein Agate also manages it, and keeps there some Rubies and Quartz soldiers. The zoo specializes in keeping atleast one of a extraterrestrial species in a containment area, based on which galaxy their species can be found.


The entrace of the zoo is much like the Human Zoo's. There are slots in it for ships to stay in, along with two amethyst Guards to guard the door. After the door, there is a long corridor with a few doors on it, but keep going into the hallway and thee will be a lot of more doors. Each one is titled after a galaxy and, upon entering one, you will face a large natural-looking containment area.

One of the doors on the corridor is a transportation kind of thing. You can select which containment area to deposit a specimen into, and then you leave it on a hole on the wall where it will be dropped in it.


  • This Zoo seems a lot more complicated than Pink Diamond's human zoo.

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